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February 28 will forever go down in cinematic history as the night that Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his Oscar. As the internet went into overdrive, DiCaprio stood before the academy and gave a powerful speech on climate change and the importance to not take our planet for granted.

The Academy had finally awarded Leonardo DiCaprio with an Oscar for Best Actor, putting an end to thousands of sad Leo memes.


The globally adored actor finally won the accolade for his incredible performance in Alejandro González Iñárritu's The Revenant. Sleeping in animal carcasses, suffering through freezing conditions and eating raw bison liver (DiCaprio is a staunch vegan) many would find it hard to argue that the award was not well deserved.

Following his victory, the star was spotted partying at the Ago restaurant in WeHo. Looking characteristically suave, the Oscar winner was seen vaping and drinking at the bar. Unsurprisingly, Leo was the centre of the party, and the actor looked to be having a fantastic time.

Drink up you winner.
Drink up you winner.

In fact, DiCaprio was having such a good time that he ended up leaving the restaurant without his Golden statue!

Thankfully the night was saved when an unnamed hero ran out of the bar to reunite the duo. Check out the footage below courtesy of TMZ.

Seriously Leo... After painstaking 23 year wait, you're just going to leave Mr. Oscar by himself in a bar?

A special mention must also go to the amazing DiCaprio fan who heaped praise on the actor as he made his way back to his car.

“We love you! You’re a king, it’s your night! You got this boo it’s your night! The lights in Hollywood are shining for you tonight Leo, you’re a king!”

Let's hope Leo didn't leave the award in the car and has placed it somewhere of importance within one of his humble abodes.


Did Leo deserve to win?


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