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First off let me just say that Season 2 of Marvel Agent Carter has been one of the best seasons for a show I have ever seen. Yet many comic and media blogs are reporting and reviewing the Season 2 finale, which aired last night, and their focus is on the low ratings turnout. It's a tired argument that at this point has made me realize that if you run to this excuse as the foundation of your debate you just haven't realized that you are living in 2016.

You see in 2016 more people are leaving traditional cable and "cutting the chord" and living happily with their streaming apps and personal devices. I personally do not watch Carter when it airs because I get out of work late in the evening and by the time I get home Carter is either done or as it were this year, into the second episode of the night and I'm not gonna jump in without seeing the previous episode. So I patiently wait till the next day carefully avoiding spoilers so that I can watch it on Hulu on my own time.

Unfortunately the ratings gurus that determine whether a show should live or die have seemingly failed at noticing that this is a process that many fans do, actually more than ever in the history of television and film. More people are watching less when the show airs on traditional tv outlets and watching more on their own time when it's convenient for them on streaming services or devices. And comic and media blogs want to act like the ratings is the final say.

Look I fully . There is a reason why they are the most successful studio right now. Unlike other studios they don't ride the latest fad and beat the dead horse until it's dust. They create trends and are at the front of the line when it comes to character innovation. Carter is not only the best female led show on TV right now but it is also in the perfect spot to bridge the break between the MCU [Marvel Cinematic Universe] films and the other shows airing in between like SHIELD and the NETFLIX series. Marvel needs a show like Carter on air to compete with the typical male dominated shows that have driven the industry for decades. Pulling Carter now would set them back in progress and Marvel doesn't go back they move forward.

Understand this, Agent Carter has a strong loyal fan base that will keep the show a float. What I want is that critics start living in the now and recognize that show survives on its streaming fan base more than its on air. I also want executives to understand this. If the show would stream live online I'd be able to not only watch it at work but also I'm sure more people would tune in.

Don't believe the hype of Carter possibly being cancelled because that's what bad bloggers do. They hype you up by exploiting your fears so that you click on their piece. Real fans watching the show know how good the show is and know that Marvel knows this too. They need something on air to keep Marvel fans going and Carter is a fantastic show that everyone can enjoy.


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