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My name is Karl Livingstone, I'm a film-maker at The University of Salford and for my Directing & Producing module I was given the task of finding a published script and directing it. I decided to choose Marvel's Daredevil.

Choosing The Script

As I was already in the swing of making short films outside of the course, I wanted to make this a lesson in film-making for myself. How to make a conversation between two people visually interesting.

I looked around for quite a while, the film Locke and the TV shows Fargo and Hannibal caught my eye but for various reasons never came to fruition. I eventually came to Marvel's Daredevil, the Netflix series.

The show is excellent, a dark and gritty tone, amazing cinematography, masterful fight scenes and brilliant characters. Instead of opting for a scene in which the title character beats the ever loving crap out of a hapless human trafficker (which would probably end up looking like the hand-to-hand combat scenes in Team America if a student tried to replicate them), I decided to go with a much more quiet and subtle scene. A conversation in the ninth episode stuck with me long after I watched the show. The scene is simply a priest talking to Daredevil about the Devil. I deliberately didn't go back and watch this scene as I wanted my version to be original instead of it being influenced by the source material.

Father Lantom, played by Craig R Hodgkinson
Father Lantom, played by Craig R Hodgkinson


The script was perfectly suited to what I wanted to achieve. As it was set inside a church which is a very visually interesting building to film in. This would help greatly with my goal of making a conversation visually interesting. I approached Salford Cathedral and they were more than happy to let me film inside.

In the weeks leading up to filming I worked very closely with my excellent cinematographer, Rob Foulkes. We visited the cathedral to plan out and design the shots. Our collective goal was to have every shot be as nice as humanly possible and we both wanted a slow paced, brooding film with long takes and a slow moving camera.

Matthew Murdock, played by Elliot Brophy
Matthew Murdock, played by Elliot Brophy


As this was only my second directing "gig," the pressure was on. Filming went smoothly with only a few minor hiccups over the two days we filmed. Well, except for the fact we had to re-shoot everything from the first day... but that was because of an equipment malfunction, that's right I'm blaming my tools. I had a great time directing the immensely talented actors who conveyed these complex characters so well, Craig R Hodgkinson and Elliot Brophy. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed making this film and I'm proud of what a handful of students achieved one day in a cathedral with a camera.

And to finish off, here's the film, Speak of The Devil. I hope you enjoy it and I hope I did Marvel's Daredevil justice. If you did enjoy it and you'd like to see some more of my work (There's a lot more coming very soon), you can follow me on Vimeo:

If you didn't like it then that's cool... no really it's fine, not a problem at all.

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