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LexCorp Industries has somehow gotten its hands on an image from the Wayne Enterprises satellite that was completely annihilated during Superman and Zod's fight in Man Of Steel.

Lex Luthor's company took to Instagram to show just how much energy cities like Metropolis and Gotham waste:

A stunning image from the Wayne Enterprises satellite from 2013, only days before it lost signal. The brightest sections that can be seen are Metropolis and Gotham. Our cities are the number one consumers of wasted electricity in the world.

Courtesy of Wayne Enterprises™

I am curious as to whether Lex and Wayne run in the same circles, as they're both incredibly successful businessmen who own impressive companies.

I suppose we'll have to wait until Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice hits theaters this month on the 25th. I can't wait to watch Ben Affleck's Batman go up against Henry Cavill's Superman as they attempt to battle out their beef as well as defeat a new villain taking over Metropolis.

I too would hold a grudge against Superman for completely ruining my business, even if he were fighting a supervillain like Zod.

[Source: Cosmic Book News]


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