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I love the guitar. It is without a doubt my favorite instrument of all time (and yes, I'm aware the incredible Triangle exists)! Because I love the guitar so much, my favorite songs and artists tend to have the guitar in them. From The Beatles to Green Day and everything in between (you probably couldn't tell, but I love rock music), these bands and more got me incredibly interested in the six-stringed instrument.

But you know what else I love? Film scores! There are number of factors that go into making a film- writing, editing, etc.- but the film score is a lot more important than some people realize.

Music is powerful and influential. Just look at some of the most famous film scores of all time. If I put on 'Imperial Attack' or 'Cantina Band', you wouldn't even have to guess where they're from. You'd know instantly that they are from Star Wars. So with my love of guitar and incredible film scores, I always hoped to be able to play my favorite themes on my favorite instrument—but there was never really a way for me to easily learn them. Until now, that is!

Ubisoft's phenomenal game/guitar learning tool, Rocksmith 2014, offers lessons and helpful tips and tricks for every level of guitar player. It doesn't matter if you're a newbie like me, or an absolute rock god who's just looking to practice more, Rocksmith 2014 can help anyone!

And now, with the release of their newest DLC 'Rocksmith Goes to the Movies', players can learn how to jam out to their favorite music scores!

Looks awesome right? You can learn to play some of the coolest (and geekiest, I might add) movie themes ever composed! Don't worry if the video above looks intimidating, Rocksmith 2014 actively tracks your progress and adjusts the level of difficulty based on how well you're playing. You can always lower or raise the difficulty yourself should you want to.

So what can you expect from Rocksmith's newest DLC?

Learn To Play The Superman Theme!

The classic Superman theme composed by the legendary John Williams first appeared in Superman (1978). Since then, we can't seem to get it out of our heads! The classic theme has been associated with Superman for years, and even today we think of the red-caped hero whenever we hear this song!

To put into perspective how memorable this theme is, I've only seen the original Superman twice in my life- once when I was 7 and another when I was 15. But if you asked me how the Superman theme went, I would know exactly what theme to hum off-key!

The Jurassic Park Theme!

The Jurassic Park theme, also composed by John Williams (most scores are by John Williams) is arguably just as iconic as the film it's from!

The theme gives off that sense of wonder and adventure, letting you know exactly what you're getting into when you watch Jurassic Park! It's also got an ominous tone and a ton of dramatic tension and build-up, preparing you for the edge-of-your-seat nature of the film!

A Knife In The Dark!

This is my favorite theme from one of my favorite films of all time! The Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of the greatest epics ever made! Known for its themes of action, harrowing adventure, and danger, it's not hard to see why there are so many LotR fans out there.

But even though there are many things I love about the films (the characters, the settings, etc.) it wouldn't be as epic without it's incredible film score. 'A Knife In The Dark' is the perfect theme to learn!

The Batman Theme!

There have been quite a few iconic Batman themes over the years, from the campy themes of Adam West's Batman, to the loud and action-y themes that accompanied Christian Bale in the Dark Knight trilogy.

But one of the greatest and well-known Caped Crusader themes is from Tim Burton's Batman! Composed by Danny Elfman, this Batman theme is the same as the Superman theme, in that you immediately get Bats on the brain the second you hear it!

The Back to the Future Theme!

Yet another amazing theme from one of my personal favorites, the Back to the Future theme gives off a sense of adventure, science fiction and wonder! I wasn't born in the '80s (obviously) but I did see this as a kid thanks to my handy-dandy VHS—or as it's called today, that fat rectangle that's collecting dust in your parent's basement!

As a kid, Back to the Future amazed me, transporting me into a world where time travel exists, and mad scientists actually invent things that work! The film was and still is incredible, and this memorable theme definitely helped to get me excited for it! So I definitely know what song I'll be learning first!

Rocksmith Goes to the Movies is available for Rocksmith 2014 today! Which theme are you excited to learn?


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