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There are animated films that impact us culturally while reflecting real life. [Zootopia](tag:1454243) exposes the dedication and hard work of a police officer. Of course, the movie presents to us a world of animals living as a civilization in which many animals big and small interact. That in itself represents us in real life. We are different because of our differences we can know and understand each other. The main focus on an unexpected creature wanting to be something no one thought possible: a protector and server of the city.

It was intriguing to see the relationship between a bunny who wanted to be a cop and a fox both being labeled in society as one being untrustworthy and sly while the other as not being more than what was born to be. The film takes us on a journey of one desiring to make a difference and experiencing the reality of that dream. It exposes the hard work, the positive, and negative of what a person of law enforcement goes through and its presents it in a great way. The film would want someone who see it to thank an officer for what they do.

This is a unique film that turns the animal world upside down. You get to enter a world that is unknown but yet familiar to our real world. There is a good mystery and exploration that is involved that takes us to different places. The message does reflect well that anyone can be anything and should be applied to us all.



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