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Whether it's as Prince Eric or Captain Hook, if you are a fan of Disney you most likely know this young man's face. Leo Camacho has become a staple in the Disney community, showing that you don't have to be a kid to enjoy the Disney fun with his Disneybounding and that it isn't uncool to be a guy who likes Disney (or makeup). As a lifelong fan of Disney, and a sometime fan of his, I was lucky enough to sit down and talk to him about his experiences as an unofficial Disney expert, being a prince, and why exactly he became a pirate.

Even if you have been following him for years, here are some things you might not know about Leo Camacho:

1. He had no idea he would be so popular after that famous "Part of Your World" video

Credit: Corsiglia
Credit: Corsiglia
Ha! No way! As a matter of fact, I’m not so sure that I’m popular, but I’ll take your word for it. No, I actually had no concept of how big that video would be. I knew Traci [Hines, Ariel/the creator] loosely and when she asked me to do it, I said “yes” because it just sounded like fun. I had NOOOO idea it would blow up and lead to an internal identity crisis for me. Ha!

2. He has a favorite "prince" cosplay

Well, when it comes to princes, I only dress as 3. Prince Eric, Aladdin, and Prince of Persia (technically distributed by Disney), so I don’t have a ton of options. Of those, I’d probably go with Eric just because people really freak out when they see me in that costume. [Little Mermaid] director, Ron Clements, saw me at D23 and walked up to me and said, “You look exactly like him. Wow!” and shook my hand. I responded with, “I know who you are! That means a lot.” And I snapped a photo with him.

3. It may seem easy but Disneybounding is harder than it looks

It is more difficult to come up with a Disneybound because you have to pick a look and clothes that the character don’t already wear. At least with a cosplay you have a very clear objective to look as close as possible while a Disneybound forces you to be more creative.

4. He has more than one favorite Disneybound, and they are all with his girlfriend Sarah (how sweet!)

That’s a tough question. My personal favorites are Vanelope and Wreck-It Ralph, Chip and Dale, and Bernard and Bianca. That could change according to what day you ask me!

5. He had no clue about his uncanny resemblance to a certain Captain from Once Upon a Time... at first.

Credit: York in a Box
Credit: York in a Box
I became a fan after, as a matter of fact. I never watched the show but when season 2 came out all I heard was how much I looked like Hook. Seriously. My phone, my social media, in person… all of it was people telling me that I looked like this character and that I needed to watch the show. Eventually, someone just contacted me telling me they would make me the costume JUST to see me in it. Pretty crazy. Since then I’ve expanded on it.

6. He does cosplay more than just Disney!

Credit: York in a Box
Credit: York in a Box
I had a ton of fun portraying Bolin from Legend of Korra and Nathan Drake from Uncharted. Oh, and Falco from Star Fox! Again, it’s hard to pick just one.

7. He works with his friends on a YouTube channel Thingamavlogs and there are three videos you NEED to see

There are three things that stand out immediately. The first is when I got to interview Bill Farmer, the voice of Goofy. What a pleasure that was, and such a great experience. The second was when Richard put make up on me to make me look like Ariel. What a pleasure that was and such a great experience… kinda. Lastly, filming my “Hotline Bleat” video about the goats of Disneyland. That song will never get out of my head.

8. His favorite movie actually ISN'T The Little Mermaid

My favorite animated movie is Aladdin, but my favorite live action Disney film is Pirates of the Caribbean.
Photo credit: Corsiglia
Photo credit: Corsiglia

9. There are new Disneybounds on the way!

Yes, but it’s hush hush for now ;) Stay tuned for Dapper Day!

10. He's constantly growing, but will always have a love of Disney

This is a big year for me. Lots has changed and I’m trying many new things. Expect Thingamavlogs to be bigger and better for sure. I’ve also started playing with voice acting, so who knows where you may end up hearing me! And, of course, cosplays and more cosplays! I’ll never stop going to the parks though, so if all else fails, you can find me at Disneyland.

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