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It's very rare when a casting choice doesn't get some kind of backlash from fans. We've all done our fair share of hating, but when we finally see the movie, we're all astounded by that actor or actress' performance. Below are 7 casting choices that did NOT disappoint us fans with their performance!

Robert Downey Jr. - Iron Man

When Marvel was first trying to find the perfect Tinman, they were settling on actors like Tom Cruise and Nicolas Cage for the role. Nobody really thought that RDJ would totally own the role the he seems inseparable from today. He was still known as the man with a big drug problem. Now he's known less for his drug problem, and more for his excellent portrayal of Tony Stark. Good thing Marvel didn't go with someone else!

Ryan Reynolds - Deadpool

Most comic fans didn't like Reynolds as Green Lantern or his pre-Deadpool appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Both roles were played wonderfully). Now that Reynolds is known all around as "The Merc With A Mouth," it'd be really strange to see someone else as the foul-mouthed, well-loved antihero.

Chris Evans - Captain America

One thing about Evans' role as Captain America that fan's hate the most, or just the thought, is the fact that he might not be wearing those stars and stripes much longer. Since the Winter Soldier came into the picture and with Civil War right around the corner, it just creates further speculation regarding one of the saddest things in Marvel history: the death of The Star-Spangled Man With A Plan.

J.K. Simmons - J. Jonah Jameson

You ask any Spider-Man fan who J.K. Simmons is and you're bound to get the man who played J. Jonah Jameson...the guy who didn't quite like anybody, especially Spider-Man. J.K. played his role so well everyone wants to see him return as the Daily Bugle's Editor and Chief. Let's just keep our fingers crossed!

Mark Strong - Sinestro

Even if Green Lantern didn't go over so well with fans, at least it had a really great cast. Reynolds and Lively as Hal and Carol respectively were great, but Mark Strong's Sinestro was the best. We know this film won't be getting a sequel, a reboot at that, but hopefully they'll give Mark another glance when going to cast Sinestro in the future.

Ron Perlman - Hellboy

Hellboy is one of those characters that would ONLY be good as played by Ron Perlman. He played his part, along with all his roles, extremely well, and it'd be really strange to see someone else get the big rock fist and sawed-off horns.

Hugh Jackman - Wolverine

Wolverine/Hugh Jackman is one of the best examples of how great comic-book casting is sometimes. Even in the end, I don't think anyone would be able to play this character as well as Hugh does. We'll be sad when he no longer plays this awesome character, but then again, will it be the end or a dawn of something greater?

What Will The Future Hold?

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to hit theaters real soon, and countless superhero films in the near and distant future, there will be some more great castings to come. That brings up many questions, like will Gal Gadot be the greatest Wonder Woman ever, and will Benedict Cumberbatch be the only man worthy to play someone as great as Doctor Strange? The future will tell.

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