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**WARNING: Possible 'The Walking Dead' spoilers/speculation lie ahead**

With all the "Daryl's gonna die" stuff floating around on the Interwebs, I figured it was time to pick on another character from The Walking Dead who would also tear me limb from limb if I did that to his face.

Abraham Ford!

Even though he helped spawn some funny-as-hell memes — including Glenn pictured along with the words "Pours Bisquick. Makes Pancakes." — his days are really still looking numbered. And while it won't create the outcry that Daryl's demise would and Glenn's already did, it's still going to be a huge setback for the gang. He can bench the entire Anderson family, even though they're dead weight (sorry), for Pete's sake (sorry again).

But recent developments on the show, and already developed developments from the comics, are all pointing to his demise happening very soon. Maybe even this weekend!

Let's look at the evidence, and have you, the jury, decide.

He's Getting Erratic!

I mean, Sasha's hot and all, but dumping Rosita? Come on now.

There's also his recent interaction with this deadhead:

And then last weekend, he almost let this pansy in a red shirt clean his clock:

His increased weirdness, plus talking to Glenn about pancakes and babies in "Knots Untie," are all pointing to a Noah-esque death.

He's Already Dead In The Comics, And That Point In The Show Timeline Is SOON

In the comics, after Rick and the crew killed all of Negan's men minus one — so he could act as messenger and deliver a FU message — Negan sends Dwight and his crossbow to nail Abraham while he's chattin' it up with Eugene:

In the show, Dwight is this wussface:

He ended up stealing Daryl's — wait for it — crossbow. Yep. And if Negan gets ahold of him and makes an example of him for running, chances are, the next time we see Dwight, he'll look like this:

Crossbow? Iron-burnt face? That all adds up to Abraham getting crossbowed in the noggin, and Eugene taken captive.

Plus, Abe was there when Daryl cooked Negan's buddies, so there's a good chance that car that was (maybe) spying on them will ID him.

In the next episode, Rick and co. go on some sort of hunt, either to find Negan, get close to Negan, or to find some Twinkies and pop:

Here's a preview of Rick's sermon:

I don't see Abraham in any of the shots of the team sweeping that building, so maybe he stayed home. Or maybe he's hanging out with Eugene somewhere, talking about Rosita, then WHAM.

No more pancakes :(

What do you all think? Is Abraham's time coming?


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