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I'm a sucker for awesome dancing anywhere that you wouldn't expect, random moments of people busting moves, making the world their dance floor. When you're watching a movie that is somewhat dramatic and someone puts on a '70s hit to dance; do you start smiling? If you're not a person who likes that kinda of stuff, then please continue to read and maybe I can change your mind! If you are a person that loves random, awesome, dancing (who doesn't), then you clicked on the right article!

Honorable Television Mention: 'Supernatural'

The way the alien caresses this young collegiate man and the look of horror while he tells the story to Sam and Dean is priceless. I am a fan of Supernatural and this episode is easily one of the best in the series. The number one rule while dealing with a Trickster, don't be a dick!

10. 'This Is The End' (2013)

This is just sheer awesomeness and surprising that they would listen to Backstreet Boys in Heaven. I would have definitely had Michael Jackson singing 'Smooth Criminal' or 'Billie Jean,' but to each their own.

9. 'Tropic Thunder' (2008)

This was just awesome to see Tom Cruise escape the shadows of Risky Business. He tore the floor up with some downright immaculate dance moves in 2008's Tropic Thunder!

8. 'BeetleJuice' (1988)

Come on, this was so awesome and it pre-dates the next entry on my list. This is the epitome of having fun while shooting an even weirder movie!

7. 'Batman' (1989)

Okay, Jack Nicholson's Joker loves to get jiggy with it in this movie. You can tell from his Drake-inspired Prince-themed dance moves, shaking it in this fan-made video to Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines.'

6. 'Little Miss Sunshine' (2006)

You would definitely be proud grandpa! A family drives cross-country with a lot of weird people in the car, and the destination leads to the best dance sequence of 'Super Freak' ever! Awesome.

5. 'Bad Grandpa' (2013)

How can I include Little Miss Sunshine and leave out this even funnier scene that actually happened in a real life setting! This was one of the funniest scenes I've ever seen and the only reason why it didn't make it higher on this list was that anything is to be expected in a Jackass movie!

4. 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' (2015)

Alicia Vikander just tears up this scene, but maybe I am biased because she's not playing a terrifying robot that's most likely going to end civilization. She looks like she's having a blast wearing those retro sunglasses, a great scene.

3. 'American Wedding' (2003)

This was the best thing in this movie and Stiffler just owned the dance floor. The best part is that the movie could have gone in a different direction, but thank the Backstreet heavens that they didn't!

2. 'Superbad' (2007) and 'The Mask' (1994)

Okay, these are two different movies, but they're equally awesome. How could I leave out either one of these scenes? I know that you're thinking, but Kurty, The Mask scene is not unexpected. Yeah, but it's still awesome and this list is all about awesome dance moves!

I thought popping a... bad dance move in here could be the most embarrassing thing while dancing, but Superbad proved that there's something much worse.

1. 'Ex Machina' (2015)

These were the dance moves that almost stopped Ex Machina's Nathan from being a total douche. This was choreographed to perfection and was so unexpected in one of the best movies of last year. Just watch and be amazed by Oscar Isaac/Poe Dameron's sweet dance moves with the amazing Jade!


I usually write about nothing but superheroes but I thought I would write about something just as fun! You can disagree with the order of the list, but not the sweet, sweet dance moves. I know, I left out Pulp Fiction and it's a classic part of one of the greatest movies ever. Please if you're disappointed with the list, or you enjoyed it, please let me know!

Which surprise dance moment was your favorite?


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