BySalim Khalid, writer at

In my opinion, the success of a short depends on the characters, the shots, the sound, and the story. The characters are the most important part, and finding the right cast is crucial to getting the characters right. The actors need to be in sync with the written character, and the written character needs to depict a story in a relatable way to the audience (both emotionally and intellectually). The shots are important because this is the eye through which the audience will view the story. The sound is also important. For example, if you watch a high budget movie with poor sound, the audience will not be able to focus on the essence of the story. But if you watch a low budget movie with high quality sound, the audience will remain engaged in the film. The story must be one that is relatable to its audience, or the entire short will be pointless, no matter how good the cinematic effects are.


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