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This is a topic that to me is a hard one to figure out. In the entertainment industry today companies are looking for the easiest way to cash in. This is evident in the fact that shows like Full House and Boy Meets World have been brought back in new form and movies are being dragged out into trilogies with the final one being split into two parts. These big time film and television companies are looking for the best way to cash in. So this brings me to my point of why has DC not brought a live action Batman show to TV?

DC has been enjoying the success of shows such as Arrow and Flash. Both of these shows have continued to grow in popularity and DC has been able to cash in on them in a big way. There is a reason DC brought Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl to TV quickly after the success of the Flash's first season. This would seem to be the perfect opportunity to bring Batman,their biggest cash cow to the small screen. Unfortunately they keep further distancing themselves from this idea in order to focus on the movies. I understand the fear of having a TV version and movie version may cause fans to favor one over the other, but I mean come on its Batman people are going to watch regardless. The biggest example of this is Gotham.

I continue to get a sense from various online comic sites and commenting boards that the majority of fans dislike Gotham, myself included. The funny thing is I continue to watch each week and so do other fans. The question is why do we watch if we don't like it? I believe the reason is fans know this is the closest they can get to seeing the Batman universe in live action each week. We put up with the butchering of the origin because we have nowhere else to turn to. This is why I think DC needs to realize they are taking the wrong approach by banning certain characters from TV because of the movies. People are going to compare the TV and movie versions because we always want to give our opinions on which is better. However that doesn't mean we are going to choose to watch one or the other, odds are everybody will choose both.

DC has so many different versions of each hero in their new comic book line, yet they are worried about having a movie Batman and a TV Batman. The upcoming Supergirl/Flash crossover and the introduction of earth two on the flash creates a perfect way to not ruin the continuity either. Now they can connect a Batman TV series to the other shows with the same logic they are using to explain the Supergirl crossover. This is something fans have been dying to see. They just want to see the dark knight brought onto the small screen in live action form. I think this would not only be an enormous success for DC, but also would pave the way for other well known superheroes to get their own live action show as well.

What do you think? Should Batman be brought to the small screen or do you think Batman only belongs in the movies? Feel free to leave your opinion below.


Should DC attempt a live action Batman series?


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