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Anjelah Johnson-Reyes was born as Anjelah Nicole Johnson on May 14, 1982. She is a talented actress, stand up comedian, and producer, known for Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel in 2009, Enough Said in 2013, and The Book of Life in 2014. I first discovered Anjelah Johnson when I was watching Netflix one day. I wanted to watch something funny so I searched the comedy section. That’s when I stopped at Anjelah Johnson. What made me click on the comedy show was the way she spelled her name because it is unique and pretty. The first Netflix show I saw her on was Anjelah Johnson: Not Fancy. She was hilarious and I loved the impressions and voices she was able to perform live on stage. Here are some fun trivia you may not know about this talented comedienne.

Oakland Raider Cheerleader!

Before she became a stand-up comedian, she was an Oakland Raidette back in 2002! She will always remember the good times she had with the girls as a professional cheerleader because she loved being part of a team and made fun memories! She even performed at the Super Bowl XXXVII! Little did she know, her fun and peppy personality that made her into a cheerleader would work wonders for her as a comedienne. Three years later, she moved to Los Angeles to be a comedian and actress after a friend told her she should join a joke writing class. After some improv classes, she began to headline her own shows! At that point, she knew that comedy was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life!

From Improv Classes to Youtube Stardom!

When I watched the Netflix show, I saw her do an amazing impression of a Vietnamese employee at a nail salon and I realized I had seen Anjelah before that fateful day on Netflix. My mom showed me the cartoon version of the Beautiful Nail Salon employee on Youtube! Anjelah picked up the Vietnamese accent by listening to her Vietnamese friends. She also goes to a Vietnamese salon where the ladies there taught her how to count to 100 in Vietnamese. At the end of her routine, she’s just saying some random Vietnamese phrases and counting!

From Cheerleading Squad to the MADtv Cast!

If you didn't think that video was funny, Bon Qui Qui will cut you! In 2007, on the 13th season of MADtv, she created the character Bon Qui Qui. She was a fast food employee who was hilariously rude to every customer she interacted with. Anjelah wrote the scripts for the Bon Qui Qui character and the audience loved her! They loved Bon Qui Qui so much that Anjelah was able to write her into another comedy skit as a flight attendant.

Bon Qui Qui as Flight Attendant!

Bon Qui Qui was also a flight attendant. I couldn't believe all the things that were coming out of her mouth on the plane! I love Anjelah Johnson because she is honest, straightforward, and will tell it like it is. She is not going to sugarcoat anything and she is such a genuine person! Her personality on stage is the same as it is in real life.

She Can Be a Filipino Grandma!

Anjelah Johnson has an amazing way of switching up accents during her comedy routines. She's so good at imitating voices because as a senior in high school, she enjoyed imitating accents and later studied Speech Communications at De Anza College. It is awesome that she is a student of the comedy craft!

I am very grateful that I was able to watch her that day. She made me laugh so much! I wish I could be as confident and strong as she is. She is Mexican and Native American, which brings more diversity to the comedy stage. She is also a talented break dancer and hip hop dancer! Plus, she is a good role model because she is a Christian who can also be funny and down to earth! She has been married to Group Crew 1 lead singer, Manwell Reyes since 2011 and claims she will never have kids. Check out all of her comedy shows on Netflix: Anjelah Johnson: That's How We Do It, Anjelah Johnson: Not Fancy, and Angela Johnson: Homecoming Show!


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