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When a superhero film is released, studio executives are already thinking ahead for a sequel, hopeful of the first one's chances both critically and financially.

We saw it happen with 'The Amazing Spider-Man' series, 'Fant4stic', 'Deadpool', Ant-Man, the list could go on.

The latest example (if this rumor is true) of this trend is DC's upcoming film 'Patsies - sorry, 'Some Kind of Suicide Squad'.

TheWrap reported on David Ayer's ('Suicide Squad' director) upcoming thriller called 'Bright' starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton and in the report, this little piece of surprising and interesting news saw the light of the ever-hungry internet:

“Ayer hopes to fit the project into his fall schedule before Warner Bros. brings him and Smith back for a planned Suicide Squad sequel in 2017.”

Does this mean we will get a 'Suicide Squad' sequel by 2018 or will they go with the usual DC filming schedule and release it in 2019?

Would you like to see a part two for the team of misfits (wait... which one?) so soon or would you rather Warner Bros. focused on other DC properties?


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