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Are your spidey senses tingling? Well unless Doctor Octopus is causing havoc outside your window, it may be because Captain America: Civil War will soon be hitting the big screen worldwide! Aside from the prospect of watching two of Earth's mightiest heroes butt heads, one of Marvel's most anticipated heroes will also, finally, be joining the MCU: Spider-Man. You may think that after so many films and television series dedicated to good old Peter Parker, we know all there is to know about him. However, here are 10 facts you may or may not know about everyone's favorite super arachnid.

1) He's died a couple of times

A bit of a morbid start, but oh well! At some point throughout Spider-Man's timeline, he does actually die by the hand of arch-enemy (and former best-friend), Green Goblin. It is considered to be one of the most emotional events in the Marvel universe because, following Peter's death, Tony Stark (A.K.A Iron-Man) drives Aunt May to Peter's funeral. Stricken with grief, Aunt May expresses to the billionaire how she wished to have a small service in her nephew's memory. Instead Stark apologizes as he shows her the tens of thousands of New Yorkers who had come to the service to wish the fallen hero one final good bye.

2) He isn't always a good guy

We all have this impression that heroes can do no wrong, however, sometimes heroes must also play the villain. Spider-Man was no exception, although, in his defense, having his mind controlled by Doctor Octopus didn't help much. Doctor Octopus spent almost a whole year controlling Peter Parker's body in the aim of creating a superior Spider-Man. Along the way, he also helped Peter get his PhD as well as start his own company. Don't worry, Peter does eventually regain control over his body, he just needed a bit of motivation that came in the form of Green Goblin.

3) He's not much of a lone wolf.

Based on the films, many fans may believe Spider-Man to be lone-wolf type of vigilante. But, surprisingly, this is not the case. In fact, Spider-Man has been on more teams then any other Marvel character. He's been quite a prominent, and important, member of three of Marvel's most iconic teams - the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and even the X-Men! Not so much of a lone-wolf, is he?

4) It's his fault Mary Jane dies

After being exposed to radiation, you may think that Peter Parker would be prone to some form of radioactive disease. Apparently though, Peter, seems only to be gaining power from this radiation. Instead though, he has been transferring some horrible diseases to those he's had intimate contact with. You'll be sad to learn that the hero who saved so many lives was also the cause of his beloved Mary Jane's death. It's that type of tragic irony writers like to use - to show how that sometimes a hero is not only unable to protect the ones he loves, but is actually the cause of their demise.

5) He's quite the womanizer

Most of us only know about Mary Jane. Some of us only recently heard of Gwen Stacey, and only a depressingly small number of fans have ever even heard of Black Cat. But it is safe to say that Peter Parker has quite an interesting love life. Although he is traditionally portrayed as the wimpy geek, Spider-Man can be quite the lady's man when he wants to be.

6) He's on a first name basis with the devil

When I say Devil, I actually mean the Marvel equivalent, Mephisto. In the future, Spider-Man reveals his real identity to the world which, obviously, made Peter Parker the target of many of Spider-Man's enemies. Sadly, Aunt May got caught in the cross-fire and got seriously hurt. When no one could save her, Peter Parker turned to Mephisto for help. The two made a deal - Mephisto would save Aunt May's life and would even make the world forget Spider-Man's secret identity, but, as payment, Peter would forget his marriage with Mary Jane (yes, they do eventually get married).

Peter Parker took the deal.

7) Wolverine owes Parker's parents a debt

So we all know the story of Peter Parker, how his parents went missing, assumed dead, and he went to live with Aunt May and Uncle Ben, whose death eventually triggers the creation of Spider-Man. Well, it seems that heroism runs in the family as Peter's parents were actually agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. To top it off, the great Wolverine even owes them a debt! Back when Mary Parker was still pregnant with the future hero, she and her husband saved Wolverine's life when he was being held captive by Hydra. Sadly, it was it was soon after this heroic rescue, and the birth of Peter Parker, that Richard and Mary Parker where killed by Red Skull.

8) He got bored of being a superhero...but it caused him a few problems

Peter Parker, although still young, is becoming one of Marvel's smartest superheroes yet. Intellectually, he is already competing with geniuses such as Tony Stark and Reed Richards. At some point though, he got tired of the superhero life and decided to try create an antidote to remove his powers. Well, he did create something, but instead of curing him, it made things worse and transformed him into a giant spider. Don't worry guys, he does get back to normal... eventually.

9) His identity is the worst kept secret

With Civil War coming out, I'm not sure if this one is a spoiler or not but as we all know, Spider-Man does team up with Iron Man in favor of the Superhuman Registration Act. Thus, in aid of this cause, he reveals to the whole world that he is Peter Parker. Let's just say it took quite a lot of mystic arts to get Peter out of that troublesome pickle.

10) Spider-man's webs only last an hour.

That's right, the amazing webs that he shoots out of his hand-crafted web shooters only last an hour. This is the reason why NYC doesn't have pieces of spider web fluttering around in the wind. So, whether for better or for worse, after one hour, Spider-Man's webs do begin to dissolve away.

And there you have it! 10 facts about the amazing Spider-Man you may or may not have known about!


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