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It is a sad time when a series goes on a break for a couple of weeks. Fans often spend this time either re-watching past episodes or eagerly counting down the days until the next new episode finally reaches the screen. This is one such sad time for The Flash, and so, to fill the gap in our hearts left by the absence of everyone's favourite scarlet speedster, here are 10 fast fact about the Flash that you may or may not know!

1) He has an evil secret brother

Apparently taken from the Allen family at birth, Malcolm Thawme was meant to replace the son of a wealthy family who the doctor accidentally botched. Having than been raised by an abusive family you can understand why the mystery brother, Malcolm Thawne may not be as just and honourable as his twin, Barry. Upon realising his true parentage, Thawne became jealous of the more loving and affectionate family Barry grew up in, and thus, Thawne took up the mantle of Cobalt Blue who had only one goal in mind: to rob his brother of his speed! However, sadly, this brotherly feud doesn't end with the brothers but continues, to this day, amongst their descendants.

2) The Reverse Flash ruined his life

How much damage could one speedster cause against another speedster you may ask? Quite a lot actually. The Reverse Flash never had any intention of destroying Flash, he wanted to become Flash! He is the cause of so much pain in Barry's life, like the death of his mother and wife, he's given him quite a hard time. Flash has also said that compared to him, Batman has it pretty easy on the archenemy department (obviously referring to Joker)

3) He's killed a few times

It may not be very heroic to kill but, sadly and contrary to much of what we believe, Barry Allen has killed as the Flash. However, it seems that the murder of the Reverse Flash was actually an accident as, while Flash tried to prevent the villain from killing another of his brides he accidenetly broke his neck. Bad luck for the Reverse Flash, you have to admit.

4) But he's died a few times too

He might have killed the Reverse Flash but he was also killed himself. It was a sort of 'circle of life' thing because it happened after retiring and giving the title of Flash to Wally West so that he could retire in peace with his wife, Iris. Sadly, the world still needed Barry Allen and it was to save our Earth that he sacrificed his life and, ironically, turned into the same lighting bolt that gave him his speed. However, Barry still lives on in the speed force to this very day.

5) He's a bit too fast for psychics to read

Apart from his already pretty awesome arsenal of tricks and skills it seems that being immune to psychics is also on the list. It seems that his mind and thoughts run too fast and thus gives him quite an advantage when dealing with Martian Manhunter or the notorious Gorilla Grod.

6) He's caused a couple of DC reality shifts

A while back Barry attempted to go back in the past and prevent his mother's death. But this feat used up so much Speed Force that the reality he caused was totally messed up, like the fact that Wonder Woman and Aquaman were arch-enemies and were destroying the world in their war with each other. Eventually, Barry fixed the time stream and everything was pretty good in the world but it was because of this that DC's 'The New 52' came to be in 2011.This wasn't the first time DC used Flash as a transition character, a few decades ago Barry Allen was given a brand new look and it can be said that it is thanks to him that the silver age of comics began.

7) His villains aren't all bad

The Rogues, as this little miscreant group is called, aren't as mean and bad as the TV series portray them to be. They follow a morale code where by they never harm children and women and never kill cops, not even the superhero type! On countless accounts they have also been known to team up with Flash, especially when times get pretty dire.

8) He uses a treadmill to travel through time

So it's a kind known and accepted fact that the Flash can travel through time however, until Wally joined him, he had no way of controlling where he'd end up. So, for some bizarre reason, he decided to build a cosmic treadmill which allows him to more precisely travel through time. It's like a Tardis but a little bit more goofy looking than a police box.

9) He's worn Green Lantern's ring

So in the 2011 DC reboot it seems that the way Flash and Green lantern met was significantly more different than their original meeting. And, due to the severity of the conditions, Flash found himself wielding Hal Jordan's ring. Thanks to this Barry makes up a part of a small group of non-lantern corps individuals who have wielded such a ring. Although he never used Green Lantern's ring in the Day of the Blackest Night arc, Barry was a temporary member of the Blue Lantern corps which represent Hope (the ideal group for this hero if you ask me)

10) He'd beat both Quicksilver and Superman in a race

So it seems that Flash is the fastest man alive in all universes. Thanks to his near unlimited access to the Speed Force, although Superman is a worthy opponent Barry seems to be the sole winner between the two. Once Marvel and DC did make a crossover and, of course, the only viable opponent for a speedster is well, another speedster. Quicksilver may be fast, but Barry is capable of travelling at the speed of light and can even travel trough time. Sadly, in the actual race, Barry had been cut off from the Speed Force so Quicksilver had the upper hand when he won the race.

So there you go! 10 things you may, or may not have known about everyone's favourite scarlet speedster. Although he may be fast, his stories forever linger in the minds and hearts of fans.


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