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Its crazy to think the last Batman film we got was The Dark Knight Rises four years ago and we are already seeing a rebooted Batman on the big screen. I know Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy can divide many fans of the caped crusader and his lore.

In my opinion the Dark Knight trilogy was marvelous to give us a version of Batman we might not have been used to being much more grounded. I however do believe its time we get back into the Batman we all grew up with from the cartoons and that might be a more fantastical one.

My opinion about Ben Affleck as the latest actor to take up the cowl has changed so much and now I am embracing Batfleck so much its crazy. I have also started to believe that this might be the best Batman we have gotten yet. This doesn't mean that everyone is on the same boat as me though and someone on that other boat is actually former Dark Knight actor Morgan Freeman.

That's right, Lucius Fox himself doesn't feel too confident that Batman vs Superman will be a better film than The Dark Knight. He does however support Ben Affleck taking on the role of Gotham's watchful protector but doesn't have many expectations for the film according to ET Online. Here is what Freeman had to say about the it

You know, I'm happy for Ben, but I don't know how that's gonna work. Because the Dark Knight was almost 'it.' Pretty much 'it. "Did you see Batman Begins? I don't think you can beat that.

We do have to give credit where credit is due of course because Batman Begins really brought Batman from the campy Schumacher and made him The Dark Knight. The origin story in Batman Begins also was really solid and a truly captivating one on a cinematic scale as well. I'm not too sure how much of an origin story Ben Affleck's Batman will get but its definitely not necessary. It's also going to be really hard to compare both Batman's because they are both out to be different from one another. It's like apples and oranges because on one side you have the grounded realistic Bale Batman and on the other you have the fantastical comicbooky Batfleck.

I do understand where Morgan Freeman is coming from saying The Dark Knight was basically "it" but I don't think that means this movie can't beat that. I will always respect Nolan's vision of Batman but I however strongly believe the true vision of Batman is Batfleck. What do you think of Morgan Freeman's comments about Batman V Superman? Do you believe that this will be the next "it" Batman film or will it fall flat to The Dark Knight?


What Do You Think About Morgan Freeman's Comments?


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