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Watching movies can be BREATHTAKING, but making movies can be WORLDTAKING.

Hey, hey! I hope everybody is ready for "Finding Dory" trailer!

Disney Pixar presented us another great cartoon? Yes, its a question. "Finding Nemo" stays one of a most popular cartoons. Almost every child knows a story about little red fish that was lost and how his father crossed the whole ocean to find him. Now? What are we waiting for?

Dory realizes that she has got a family and suddenly a feeling of "missing" hits her. And BOM! She is on her way!

On her way she finds her old friend who tells her about stories she used to share with her every time because of memory problems. And she is a shark. I think Dory was a special fish...

And again... Marlin is looking for someone. This time- Dory. Wait wait! Its coming very very soon...

The premiere of "Finding Dory" is closer than you think! Well, definitely closer than her family!


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