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Each and every one of us has a phobia or two, and each of us refuse to face them. I know you are all reading this now, going "What? No? Whatever". Fact is, some show their phobias, while others hide it.

When one would watch media and they find themselves watching a phobia, some would just shrug it off, and others would flick onto something else media wise, to avoid facing their fears.

There are a few views you can see your phobia. To give a brief example, I am highly afraid of fires, I admit that. I have always been afraid of fire, but now it has gotten worse, because I have witnessed 2 house fires and a train track side fire throughout my entire life. The last one I witnessed was in January 2015, and it isn't a happy sight, especially when it was in early morning hours, close to my residence, and happened to another residence I happened to have a connection to.

I am slowly coming to terms with facing my fear by improving my thoughts about it, especially when it comes to media. This is ways I have thought about it.

Not long after the last blaze I witnessed, I despised songs referencing to the word "fire", but through counselling and support from friends and family, I have slowly managed to get myself to listen to them again. Eg. Demi Lovato - Fire Starter.

For film, I managed to watch most common movies like Big Hero 6. As far as animated movies go referencing fires, I have slowly become unaffected by it, since it is animated, it may scare us a little in the beginning, but then we'd shrug it off, because what is made on the computer can't hurt us, right?

Big Hero 6 Blaze
Big Hero 6 Blaze

As for television, as I watched an episode of H20: Just Add Water - Season 3: "Crime and Punishment" not that long ago, I felt like switching away from that episode, since it had a fire in it, by skipping over to the episode after, which was "To Have and to Hold Back". I didn't switch over though, I watched the episode right the way through, because there was a voice at the back of my head telling me that it was controlled, and there wasn't any need to worry about it. It wasn't physically hurting me at all, because it was somewhere else, and it was on media, and fires on live action media tend to have crew members or assigned fire fighters there to keep it under control.

H2O: Just Add Water - Crime and Punishment (Still)
H2O: Just Add Water - Crime and Punishment (Still)

Another I faced was in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two, during the Battle of Hogwarts, how there were blazes everywhere in the viaduct, I had seen behind-the-scenes footage of how they were controlling the fires. They were using little machines to control them, to ignite them, but to distinguish them as well, basically the mechanism of a barbecue. Remember this behind-the-scenes footage helped me think that the fires were also controlled, resulting in no effect on me.

As for the Room of Requirement fire (Fiendfyre) that Goyle had cast, it was CGI, therefore it had little effect on me also. It had an effect, but less than that of H2O's.

Goyle finishing his Fiendfyre
Goyle finishing his Fiendfyre

I hope that my examples for working against my Pyrophobia has given you some ideas on how to manipulate your own thoughts about your phobia. If these examples can help you think differently of this situations when watching a film or television series, feel free to try this method. If it can keep you watching something that features your phobia, thus effecting you upon viewing before reading this, you should have no problem re-watching that particular media, overcoming your phobia, and therefore, gaining a bit of control over it.


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