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News on the block is that X-Men: Apocalypse director, Bryan Singer, is working hard on a new project that is likely to make a bloody splash on the small screen in the near future.

An R-rated TV series based on comic book series Red Sonja is apparently in development. This vengeful character was first inspired by a 1934 short story by Robert E. Howard about Red Sonya of Rogatino, and decades later, the fierce and beautiful heroine went on to appear in the Marvel universe in the Conan the Barbarian '#23' comic book back in 1973.

Although the character has been most recently featured in the highly successful Dynamite Entertainment comic book series, she's also known for her adaptation in the 1985 movie starring Brigette Nielson and Arnold Schwarzenegger – remind yourself with the trailer:

According to the source, Singer is developing the TV series with rights holders Luke Lieberman and Jason Taylor, all working through the director's production company Bad Hat Harry.

And although we don't know which network it is going to be broadcast on, it's safe to assume that if the show is going to provide our fill of gore and sexy sorcery, it's likely we will see it on cable services such as Showtime and HBO or Netflix and Amazon Prime – all platforms that have a much more lenient approach to all things R-rated. Only time will tell.

Who would you like to see play Red Sonja?



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