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Back in 1998, when the endearing cult classic The Parent Trap burst onto big screens, it catapulted a young, freckle-faced Lindsay Lohan to child superstar status and became one of our favorite feel-good movies of all time. Give yourself all of those warm and fuzzy nostalgic feelings with the trailer below:

Yet, almost two decades following on from that infamous summer at camp that brought Hallie and her long-lost British twin Annie together, you can't deny that things have changed. And while we all know what happened to Lindsay Lohan – y'know... Mean Girls, a lot of partying and couple of stints in rehab – have you ever wondered what happened to the rest of the kids that attended Camp Walden that one summer in the '90s?

Well, one person that always stood out for me was the young boy whose mom accidentally sent him to a all-girls camp, refusing to answer the telephone so he could be brought back home. In the script, he was lovingly referred to as the "Lost Boy at Camp." Here's the little guy circled below:

You may or may not know that this is in fact LiLo's brother, Michael Lohan Jr. Although he managed to only get a minor role in his sister's movie, his ordeal was very real. I mean, what kind of mother would abandon her child at a camp that wasn't even meant for them?

Anyway, the point is that little Michael is not so little anymore. In fact, he's 28-years-old now, has ditched the high-pitched voice, has grown an admirable beard and boasts some pretty impressive muscles. Here he is in all of his hot adult glory:

Oh, those attractive Lohan genes!

What's Michael been in since?

Since his first foray into acting, Michael has also appeared as himself in the 'Lindsay Lohan' episode of Drive in 2002, a reality TV show that shadowed his family with a focus on his mom Dina. Three years later, he appeared in a similar project for E! True Hollywood Story.

However, his most recent project to date is a pretty cool 2011 short Razor and Balloons – watch him crack open some beers with his bare teeth to the mesmerizing soundtrack of Smokey Robotic below:

Nice one Mike!

Ultimately though, since having a dig around what he's up to lately, the nicest thing to see is actually that he is still super close with sis Lindsay. Six months ago, he posted the following adorable throwback to his Instagram:

The caption read:

"Thunder buddies for life."


Are you surprised at how much Michael Lohan has changed?



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