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Even before Star Wars: Battlefront came out in November last year, it was announced that it would not feature a single player mode, much to the dismay of a large part of its potential players.

A few months later, John Boyega has weighed in, tweeting directly at Electronic Arts (EA) to ask for an offline story mode. Yes, that's the actor who played Finn, the defecting stormtrooper in The Force Awakens.

"It's More Of An Enjoyable Way To Learn Controls"

Is he having trouble using the controls? Is he still adjusting to the idea of, you know, killing stormtroopers? It must be hard for him.

But he's got a fair point: having a single player campaign in Star Wars: Battlefront would allow players to take more time wandering around, just doing random things to get more used to the game. It's also great to explore the game's world without running into another player.

'Battlefront' Could Use A Narrative

Boyega pointed out that the game lacks a storyline without a campaign, when EA tweeted back at him suggesting the game's Missions in lieu of a single player. Of course he also took the opportunity to invite himself to a sweet tour of EA's "base." Is he going to show up in Stormtrooper attire and force them to put together an offline mode?

FPS's Are Lacking Storylines

It's not the first time that gamers have asked for a more consistent story in a FPS. As IGN pointed out the same month Battlefront came out,

"not having the context of a fleshed-out, meaningful game universe can render the most mechanically solid games meaningless."

Other FPS' such as Halo have shown that campaigns are still very much liked by players, despite the tendency of new games to ditch them. We can only hope developers take that feedback into account.

Do you think FPS's should have more campaigns, or are you fine playing in multiplayer?

Source: Kotaku


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