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Dressing up regularly as Batman may have inspired Ben Affleck to arm himself for his own vigilante excursions, as it has emerged he swiped a batarang from the set of Dawn of Justice.

The 43-year-old actor boasted of his theft in a recent interview with Premiere, originally in French:

I actually stole one of the batarangs. I put it in my pocket thinking that I had totally deserved it. The props guy came to claim it and I said: 'No'. I thought I kinda had a 'movie star pass' for that kind of thing. I just kept it and flew to LA!

The guy was super pissed: 'Go fuck yourself Ben Affleck, bring me back the batarang!' I never gave it back. I was like a little kid.

Here's a shot of the new batarangs on show at San Diego Comic-Con eight months ago:

The batarang is bat-shaped (obviously, imagine if it was shaped like a giraffe or a chihuahua) and though named like a boomerang, is used like a throwing star.

Affleck also revealed how his four-year-old son Samuel felt about Dad's latest role:

Actually it’s pretty funny, my son really thinks I’m Batman. And I don’t know if it’s the colors but he thinks the FedEx guy is the Joker. Every time we get a package he’s like 'Dad the Joker’s outside!'
I can see what Samuel is getting at
I can see what Samuel is getting at

In the interview Affleck also let slip that director Zack Snyder had already given Affleck the grappling gun used in the movie as a souvenir: clearly Affleck is building up his arsenal. Or he's a bit greedy.

Affeck's toys
Affeck's toys

He continued to lift the cowl on Batman in Dawn of Justice, describing his character as an older, more reflective version of the usual:

The movie wasn't what I imagined. It's closer to the 'Dark Knight' comic book. Batman is a bit older and closer to the end of his career.
He's a bit of a broken guy. His playboy philanthropic side is just a mask.
It's not some 25-year-old dude who takes out his anger on Gotham. It's a guy who's looking back at his life and wondering if that was all worth it. He went through a tragedy, his colleagues were killed.
It's a bit like what we've felt since 2001: the world is scarier than we thought and anything can happen any time.

Affleck is such a smooth criminal not even Batman could prevent him from stealing his weapons. And he isn't the only one who sneaked a memento...

'Deadpool': Ryan Reynolds stole the suit

Reynolds said:

I loved wearing it and I have run away with one - I'll probably get into trouble for saying that, but I've waited 10 years to do this movie so I'm leaving with a fucking suit.

'Spiderman': a security guard nabbed four Spidey suits

A hapless guard's ex-wife told the police he had stolen four of the $50,000 hand-made outfits. All were returned, and they also recovered a $150,000 Batman costume that had gone missing in 1996 from the man's flat.

'Batman': 'Harvard Lampoon' stole Robin's tights

When Robin actor Burt Ward spoke at Harvard in 1984 he displayed the costume on a mannequin. Satirical publication Harvard Lampoon turned the lights out midway through his lecture and sent in a man dressed as the Penguin to ask Ward: "When is a security guard not a security guard?"

Fake security guards then grabbed the costume and ran for the exit. After hours of prank villainous negotiations, the costume was returned.

Watch the final 'Batman v Superman' trailer here:

What superhero souvenir would you like to take home?

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