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Wands at the ready, because there was a friendly magical duel this week between J. K. Rowling and rapper Tinie Tempah!

After a line about the Harry Potter author recently featured in Tinie Tempah's new song 'Girls Like' ("Tell JK that we still rolling"), fan, Emily Strong, took to Twitter to ask Rowling if she ever imagined that she would ever be name dropped in a song:

After Rowling responded to Strong's tweet, the correspondence caught Tinie Tempah's attention and he jumped in with a very witty and magically-theme reply. Seriously, color me impressed with how on-point this reply was:

Oh snap! Professor Trelawney would be so proud! Something tells me Tinie Tempah knows his LeviOsa's from his LeviosARs!

But that wasn't the end of the back and forth, with J. K. bringing her knowledge of Divination as an imprecise science to the table:

She does have a point, remember when Harry supposedly had "the grim":

But, while J. K. shot back some magical retort, Tinie Tempah was ready with an Expelliarmus of his own to disarm Rowling and bring this good natured duel to an end:

Good point Tinie, though everyone knows you need special permission from the Ministry to use a Time Turner!

If you're interested in the song that sparked off the Twitter exchange, you can hit play below:

Who would you back in a magical duel: Tinie Tempah or J. K. Rowling?

Source: RadioTimes


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