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The bear attack scene from The Revenant is one of the most ferocious scenes in the movie, but just who is the creature that nearly pulverized Leonardo DiCaprio? Well, that would be 51-year-old stunt man Glenn Ennis with the help of a few other stunt doubles and an impressive team of CGI artists.

Ennis might not be a real bear, but the 6'4", 250lb ex-rugby player isn't someone you'd want to mess with. Ennis told Global News,

"People can't believe that it was CGI so people have asked, how did they teach the bear not to hurt Leo? And I said, well I was the bear and we're taught on day one: don't hurt the main actor."

The routine for the bear scene was choreographed intensely, and Ennis watched a lot of videos of real bear attacks in order to copy how a grizzly would actually move. Leo looked like he was the one taking the beating, but just how hard was it to be the bear?

"One of [the stunt men rehearsing as the bear] had to go to the hospital for exhaustion. The process is picking someone up, throwing them around, turning them, attacking them. Running on your hands and feet for 10 yards is pretty tough for a big guy. It’s non-stop for a full two minutes."

The scene took a month of intense rehearsals outside for both the stunt men and DiCaprio. When it came time to shoot, director Alejandro González Iñárritu wanted to get the whole attack in one grueling take.

"After you do a two-minute session like that, you’re exhausted and your thighs are burning. You’ve got to put it all back together and start again. It was a couple days of shooting, just outside of Squamish, B.C., dozens and dozens of times. The lunch break was the killer because you’d cool down, and then have to get back into it."

As tough as it was, Ennis says his most difficult and frightening work wasn't in The Revenant. In 2003, he worked in Freddy v. Jason as Jason's stunt double. At the end of the film, he got set on fire head to toe and lifted on a cable and thrown into a lake.

Watch that terrifying clip here.

While Leo's cuts and scrapes were only makeup, getting hurt is part of the job description for a stunt man like Ennis. How does he put up with the pain?

"That's another thing about the stunt guys, is that they could have an injury that typically another person in another line of work might go, I'm taking a few weeks off cause that's hurting, and the stunt guys go, I want to go to work. And so they'll turn up and they'll tape something up and grit their teeth and go back to work."

Ennis has been a stunt man for 15 years, and his long list of credits include Man Of Steel and Godzilla, as well as being Jason Mamoa's (Khal Drogo) stunt double in Game Of Thrones.

What do you think is the craziest part about being a Hollywood stunt double?

Source: Global News


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