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Warning: this story might contain spoilers for 'Captain America: Civil War.'

The promo for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War makes it pretty clear that this isn't going to be your average Marvel movie. From concept art breaking down the teams to behind-the-scenes pictures, to comparisons with the comic books, anything is good material enough to speculate about which major character is going to have to say goodbye to the Marvel universe.

As test screenings of the movie have recently started, BMD has gotten some intriguing feedback from viewers, one of them qualifying the ending as an "emotional horror movie."

Will We Get A Major Death In 'Civil War'?

What seems to characterise the new chapter of Captain America is the fact that viewers get a sense of the two sides of the war, even if the story is told from Captain America's point of view. Having Team Iron Man come across as taking a fair stance brings that much more emotional power to the movie, as BMD explains it:

"I've been told that the last half hour of the film is brutal, both physically and emotionally. One person told me that the last act plays out as an emotional horror movie because the film gives both Tony and Steve solid reasoning, and because it truly makes you feel the depths of this schism."

From 'Political Thriller' To 'Emotional Horror'

Should we expect Captain America's death in the comics to be that "emotional horror movie" part? You better bring some tissues.

Either way, this darker evolution of the Marvel story seems to be doing them good, as early viewers all expressed their appreciation. The previous Captain America, Winter Soldier, was qualified as a "political thriller" because it just appeared so much more in touch with current real-life events than its more entertaining forerunners, and it's good to see that the sequel is continuing with that more difficult, but gripping storyline.

Spider-Man Is Going To Be Great In 'Civil War'

Other than the powerful underlying subtext, viewers pointed out that Civil War was truly a sequel to Captain America: Winter Soldier, with the movie focusing mainly on Cap and Bucky. Plus, Spider-Man is apparently "great" and Black Panther "phenomenal," so at least that's good news.

There's a few more months to wait to find out who will make it and who won't, but I'm afraid that until then all you can do is rewatch the trailer:

Who do you think will die in 'Captain America: Civil War'?

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