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Tim Horton

Fear has come full circle - a spine chilling live action short film based on the world famous Horror game, P.T is taking the internet by storm. This terrifying homage is absolutely as terrifying as you remember the game to be!

It was the collaboration that shook the gaming world: Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro came together to craft the scariest, most terrifying horror game the world had ever seen. Unfortunately, it never made it past teaser stage.

Now, a film studio from Michigan has brought the harrowing tale to life with a detailed real life reproduction of this hair-raising horror. The Oddest of the Odd thought that if they scared the shit out of the world again then maybe Del Toro and Kojima would reconsider their decision.

We love the enthusiasm, chaps, but unfortunately, the P.T ship has sailed (and sunk) and not even this brilliant adaptation can revive this project.

The team behind the camera has a genuine love for the franchise and this comes through ever so clearly in this recreation. This was more than an experiment - the studio wanted to include as much of that classic Silent Hill core feeling into film as possible. This is at its clearest right at the very end – what a cameo!

You’ll never guess who shows up! Goosebumps anyone?

What I find fascinating is that P.T has now become a genre within itself - horror games are now using P.T as a benchmark to compare and surpass. This is mainly due to the fact that never before has an atmosphere had such an impact on gameplay - the fear comes from the player over what is necessarily happening on the screen.

There have been other games that have worked in a similar way, Fear being one that instantly springs to mind - but it didn't take a hold of your soul in the way that P.T does.

A brilliant real world representation of this classic game. It is pretty clear now that Del Toro and Kojima will not be working on a new Silent Hills game, but rest assured we have not seen the last of this collaboration!


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