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The Mankind accept a simple truth that we are not alone.There are many unknown things around the universe that we don't know.Earth send a space air craft named mystery-rover.They send it in outter galaxy,after 23 years they found something,something that they cannot define across 60k galaxies.Stars were changing its shape,something occurs they lost connection,Then after 1 years they founded mystery-rover.Scientist didn't belive that satelite which we've sent 23 years ago came back in 1 year but on Earth not in other galaxy but earth.

After that scientist took the satellite to their laboratory.They found something in the satellite the data chip was not broken or burned it was fine somehow they also found something in the data of satellite,footage when they lost their connection form the mystery-rover from the unknown galaxy they name it galaxy 21.They found suddenly something happens in space,stars were changing their shape and become something like a living thing.It came near the satellite and the footage finished.The start finding more evidence at the end they found a small dark thing.A scientist adviced not to touch that thing because we don't know about it and tell anybody not to spread this topic.But a worker who's name was Matter who worked their incidently listen to them.He didn't go home that night also he didn't let security guard know that he was here.He wanted to observe that thing, so first he disabled all the security system because he checked all the security system and all the passwords daily it was his job.He know that how to disable all the security system.Scientist could not trust anybody on that thing so they didn't put anybody in that room because they don't wanted any risk.Matter go to the chemical chamber he grab sleeping gas grenade and an oxygen mask.

He throw grenade towards the outside guards and wear the oxygen mask.When all the security guards got asleep.He entered in that room.

When he saw that thing he named it dark,but it was closed in a bulletproof glass.He tried to break it but can't.Unless he could break the glass security guards wake up and arrest him and put him in the jail.After 1 week climate started changing because of somekind of disterbance in the solar system.ANimals were doing unwanted bheaviour ,snow in summer,etc.When Matter came out of the jail,he was waling in the market he saw something on t.v that a sudden volcanic eruption totally distoryed mauritious.He got shocked after

To Be Continued......


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