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Unsurprisingly, a show about surviving a zombie apocalypse involves a number of gory deaths, and we're always glad when our favorite character makes it through another episode. As we're reaching the end of the sixth season of The Walking Dead, Steven Yeun's character, Glenn, has been in enough zombie fights that he probably should have died a few times, but he's still alive and boasting a tremendous amount of kills.

The Chair Scene Was His Favourite

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he revealed his favorite zombie kill: the scene in Season 3 where he has to fight off a walker while being taped to a chair. What a badass.

If he could pick a second favourite, it would be one of the scenes where he has to defend himself against a whole group:

“I particularly like it when we’re dealing with a bunch of them — just to go through the motions of stabbing and then pulling out the knife and shooting and all that action, and just seeing how far we’ve come.”

'He's The Heart Of The Show'

We're all glad that Glenn's got these killer skills, because he's such a central piece of the story. Glenn Mazzara, a former Walking Dead executive producer, once told the Los Angeles Times that “Steven is the heart of the show.”

What's your favourite zombie kill in 'The Walking Dead'?

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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