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There's a new kid on the block of lavish TV dramas about European aristocracy — and he's really big.

Forthcoming series Versailles promises more sex, more violence and more WOW than Downton Abbey, partly because it's set in the turbulent period of pre-Revolutionary France, and partly because its production costs are really expensive.


Weighing in at a massive $2.95 million per episode, it's almost double the cost of the British drama about the Grantham family, and the most expensive French series ever.

The dubstep-backed trailer teases battle scenes, flowing costumes and lots of graphic sex scenes.

A central theme arises in the teaser:

Power means everything.

Only power controls the country.

Versailles is in English, having been written by British pair Simon Mirren and David Wolstencroft, and will arrive on BBC Two in the UK in spring.

Its 10 episodes of the first season have already proven popular in France where it was first released on Canal+ last November. It was such a hit that a second season is already underway.

The new series promises lashings of decadence, as it was the aristocracy's excessive indulgence and public displays of power that drove the beleaguered French peasants to rebellion in 1848. The Independent proposes that interest in this imbalance is founded on the rift between the super rich and the poor that exists in the world today.

Watch The Trailer:

What's your favorite series about posh European people?

Source: Independent


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