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Now, DC and NBC's upcoming super-heroic collaboration Powerless is, in many ways, kind of a tough sell. The reason? Rather than focus on an iconic DC superhero, or one of the comic-book company's countless super-teams, it's the story of an insurance company. In the DC universe.

Which, on paper, sounds a little...odd. Thankfully, though, the project has both a charismatic 'non-powered' lead (Vanessa Hudgens) and enough geek-friendly supporting talent (Danny 'Abed from Community' Pudi and Alan 'Wash from Firefly' Tudyk, for two) to suggest that it might just be something pretty darned special.

What's more:

It Seems That the Show's Lead Superhero Has Finally Been Revealed

Yup, that's right - Powerless looks set to feature at least one DC superhero in a relatively substantial role (at least in the pilot). Y'see, the good folks over at Bleeding Cool have apparently acquired a copy of the show's pilot's script, and as it turns out, it not only reveals that our new insurance-based heroes will reside in Charm City, but that a certain ex-Justice League member will be turning up nearby.

That hero?

Why, that's be classic 80's hero Crimson Fox - a member of the JL back when Justice League Europe was a thing.

Of course, whether or not Crimson Fox's comic-book origins will be kept in tact - she was in fact two different women, French identical twins Constance and Vivian D'Aramis, who split their time in the super-suit to allow them a real life outside of it - remains to be seen, but there's certainly a lot of comedic potential in the character, who's hardly seen on-screen action beyond the Justice League Unlimited cartoon.

Also, she was very French back in the comic-books, which seems like a pretty obvious opening for some deeply goofy gags.

As Bleeding Cool's excerpt from the script suggests, however, if she does make it past the pilot, Crimson Fox could well also be set to be a notable super-heroic presence in the show:

Could we perhaps even be set to see her turn up in our lead character's office, then, with Constance and Vivian alternating between super-heroics and insurance-claims, with hilarious results?

Hopefully we'll get to find out this fall...

What do you reckon, though?


Is Crimson Fox the right superhero for Powerless?



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