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The most disliked man in politics (sorry Donald) is back for the award winning season 4 of House of Cards. That's right, how will Frank Underwood cope this term in office, now wife Clare isn't on his side? But, to take a leaf out of Frank's book:

Democracy is so overrated

Shortlist Magazine spoke to the House of Cards author Lord Michael Dobbs on how the American political drama could end... Chances are it won't be all sunshine and flowers for the Underwood family; for a man with so much blood on his hands it can only end one way!

Although recently commissioned for a fifth season, the end is definitely in the minds of the shows creators. As the author of the original book, Dobbs is on hand during the production of the Netflix show. Filming in a giant Baltimore warehouse, it is Dobbs' job to advise on how the show should progress. He says that they often discuss Frank's ending in a local bar.

So how would he like to see Frank Underwood bow out? Well in a similar style to how the character Francis Urquhart (see the resemblance) goes out. The original novel released in 1989 was set in Westminster and followed the corrupt politician follow a similar route to Frank Underwood. In both the novel and the 1990 British TV series Urquhart is assassinated in the closing moments at the unveiling of a Margaret Thatcher memorial. Urquhart served as Prime Minister for 4,228 days - exactly one day longer than Margaret Thatcher. Now created a martyr, Urquhart receives a state funeral and long procession, ultimately washed of his sins.

Dobbs said he would like to see Frank meet the same fate:

He arranges to have himself assassinated – so he dies a national hero with libraries named after him and such like. He ends up laughing at us from beyond the grave. That would be a very FU ending for the show, too.

How do you think House of Cards should bow out?



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