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With Toy Story 4 on the way, we are going to talk about the latest sources detailing the cast of the film. this includes my idea for a new game because by the time Toy Story 4 will be released, it will be nearly 25 years since the film was released back in 1995. Beware of possible spoilers. You have been warned!! Lets get started

First off, I am happy to say that Woody And Bo-Peep are finally reuniting after a long time apart. the last time we saw Bo was Toy Story 2. She was cut from the third film because Pixar didn't think she would survive the daycare or the incinerator scene as she is made of porcelain. She was only seen in home video footage along with Wheezy, RC, Lenny and many others that had minor roles in the films. How she and Woody will reunite will be unknown but I have a theory about it which I am going to talk about.

We just heard that Andy's mom could return and this brings me to my theory. She and Mrs Anderson would meet for regular chat and whit Mrs Davis, she would have Bo-Peep as a present for Bonnie although this may be impossible as Bonnie could be like a pre teen but still loves her toys but that is just my theory

My guess for the storyline would be a mission to find Bo-peep, The toys would hear through the conversation between Mrs Davis and Mrs Anderson about a shop where Bo may be now. So Woody and Buzz go out on a mission to find her. i know this is a short guess but that is just my guess for the story.

What do you guys think of all of this? Which characters are you hoping for to come back in Toy Story 4? Please leave comments below and let me know. Until next time, keep being awesome!!!


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