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Steven Universe has become known for leaked clips: in the long, long, (loooong) gaps between episodes, sometimes fans are treated to legit trailers... and sometimes there's a slightly less-than-legit leak instead. Either way, we get a glimpse at what's in store for the Crystal Gems, and last week's leak was a doozy. Let's take a look at what we can expect for the next episode...

This looks like it comes from the episode Super Watermelon Island, because of the presence of, well, an island filled with Steven's sentient watermelon creations. They seem to have formed quite the society, and there's an adorable moment as they all charge off to help Alexandrite fight Malachite.

Oh, and Alexandrite is fighting Malachite.

The Battle We've Been Waiting For

When Lapis Lazuli trapped Jasper into a hate-fusion under the sea, we knew this wasn't the last we'd see of Malachite.

Lapis Lazuli and Jasper fuse.
Lapis Lazuli and Jasper fuse.

In the leaked clip, Malachite seems to have formed her own personality, and she's relishing her freedom and new-found fusion powers.

"You're right, there really is something more to this fusion thing. It's not just a cheap trick! You've really shown me a whole world of possibilities. Allow me to thank you..."

But before Malachite can destroy Alexandrite, the epic Crystal Gem fusion fires her weapon, which forces Malachite to separate into Jasper and Lapis Lazuli. Which, oh my goodness.

A Weapon Which Can Destablise Fusions?

We saw Rose Quartz do something similar in the episode The Answer: as the fused rubies attack, Rose defends herself and somehow breaks them down into their individual gems.

The rubies attack Rose Quartz
The rubies attack Rose Quartz

So is Alexandrite's weapon the same, or did they create it themselves? Either way, this weapon has huge implications for the plot of Steven Universe. We know that Homeworld use fusions strategically in war, breeding strong gems like amethysts and rubies to become soldiers that will inevitably become fusions. This weapon would merely separate the gem fusions, not destroy them, making them much easier to fight. And it would mean that the Crystal Gems just have to subdue their opponents, not kill them.

Of course, in an all-out war against Homeworld, or Yellow Diamond's forces at least, the Crystal Gems are still horrendously outnumbered. But in another leaked clip, it looks like a powerful ally may have just joined the team...

Lapis Lazuli Becomes A Crystal Gem

This is something which we suspected would happen, thanks to the actual legit teaser clip which was released a few months ago.

Peridot offers an olive branch to Lapis
Peridot offers an olive branch to Lapis

And in yet another leaked clip, we see Lapis, Peridot, and Steven running from one of Homeworld's probes. Which we can only assume was sent to retrieve Peridot, or to find out what the Crystal Gems are planning. Yellow Diamond still doesn't seem to think the Crystal Gems, or Earth, pose enough of a threat to pay a personal visit. But with Lapis destroying this probe it seems all but inevitable that eventually the Crystal Gems with have to face Yellow Diamond's forces.

Until that happens though, at least Lapis Lazuli and Peridot have a chance to mend their relationship... if Lapis accepts Peridot's apology of course.

So will Lapis actually join the Crystal Gems? Lapis Lazuli plays a very interesting role within the show: she doesn't really care for Earth, but she has gone to great self-sacrificial lengths to protect Steven. Lapis also doesn't believe in the Crystal Gems' mission. Instead, she has a similar view to Peridot, that the Crystal Gems are betraying their own kind in favor of Earth.

If Lapis does join the Crystal Gems, Steven will probably be the one to persuade her. After all, their relationship has been the driving force of Lapis' plot line, as Steven was the one to discover her in the first place. She has since contacted him through dreams, and fused with Jasper mostly in order to protect Steven.

From a narrative perspective, it's really cool that Steven is persuading antagonistic gems to join forces with the Crystal Gems, as this mirrors the mission of his mother, Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz and the newly fused Garnet.
Rose Quartz and the newly fused Garnet.

This would be a nice way to tie the current plot together with Rose's mission, and it would mean that Rose's rebellion against Homeworld continued after she died.

All in all, these leaked clips are super exciting, with huge implications for the show's plot. Here's hoping we get to see full length episodes soon!


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