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Catch up with premiere of the movie, San Andreas only on HBO India in the prime time over the weekend. Tune into the Dwayne Johnson starrer at the beginning of March and let the monthly celebrations begin on an adventurous note. The real action would be live with terrific computer generated visual effects.

Mark the arrival of March with hollywood action-filled adventure movie that is enough to send your heart thumping. Skip a beat over the adrenaline-rushing action sequences that set the creativity kites flying. Dwayne Johnson plays Ray, an air rescue pilot of the fire department in this 2015 release by Brad Peyton. He is in the middle of getting divorce from his wife, Emma (Carla Gugino) while planning to visit San Francisco with Blake (Alexandra Daddario), his daughter.

Part of the Narrative

At the same time, Paul Giamatti playing a seismologist named Lawrence Hayes is researching upon an earthquake predicting model with his colleague called Kim Park (Will Yun Lee). Here, an unknown fault ruptures close to Hoover Dam and kills Park. Now, it is when there is so much work for Ray that Blake goes to San Francisco with the boyfriend of her mother. Parallel to the act is another development as Hayes comes to know about the shifting of San Andreas Fault line.

Reaching the Climax

He smells trouble leading to a major earthquake destroying cities near the line of fault. There are casualties but Ray is able to rescue Emma just in time when the buildings are reduced to rubble. Though, Blake is in trouble after being trapped amidst the chaos. Thereafter, Ray sets off with Emma trying to save their daughter. It is when the largest earthquake hits the mankind. Surprisingly, Blake escapes narrowly along with two other survivors, Ben and Ollie. But, it is not the end of the story.

Know What is in Store

Watch the film, San Andreas to know what happens further. Figure out whether the family is reunited happily. Do Ray and Emma reconcile at a relief camp to talk of their future together? The story is gripping because the debacle proves to be a spectacle. The apocalypse does not have anything to do with alien invaders, monsters or climate change but it presents a clear picture of what the sudden disasters are capable of doing.

Disaster That Seldom Takes Place

It is such kind of flick in which you may see numerous violent deaths happen without batting an eyelid but there are five or six people who fight till the end to make it with only bruises and cuts. It is a film about natural disasters that captures the essence of an earthquake and tsunami well. The assembled characters come out unaffected as they dodge all the debris resulted from the computer-generated destruction.

Tune Into the Premiere

The shots seem to be created straight out of the imagination as Ray rescues Emma in his chopper that lands over a crumbling building. Feel the punch in moments full of adventure and tension because disasters seldom happen but if they do, they engulf everything nearby leaving us to fend for ourselves on the remains. Catch up with the movie premiere of San Andreas on HBO India this weekend in the prime time.


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