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Welcome to BriarCliff.

This second season of American Horror Story takes place at asylum "BriarCliff". Comparing the first season with this one , I would have to say that the first episode of season 2 contained more sexual content. It basically started with sexuality right from the get go. The bloody scenes were more intense in this season. But maybe because of the way season 1 was made I felt like season 2 was going to be a disappointment. But after the first 4 episodes It all started to come together nicely and I was yet again hooked on the series. Just when I was about to abandon ship , the season became really addictive.

Kit Walker a gas station attendant married to Alma Walker , had a very close encounter with aliens in the first episode , wakes up not knowing what happened to his wife. He gets blamed for the "bloody face" killings. Bloody face is a serial killer that skinned his victims used their skin to make a mask. He told the authorities that his wife was kidnapped by aliens , so they sent him to "Briarcliff".

Kit immediately makes friends with inmate Grace Bertrand , a woman who was committed to Briarcliff after murdering her step-mother and sexually abusive father.She seems sane & knows how to survive in the asylum.

Other important characters in this season , Dr. Arthur Arden who conducts strange experiments on the inmates of Briarcliff. He also makes late night trips into the woods ... He and Sister Jude don't see eye to eye and the Sister if very suspicious of Dr. Arden. Sister Jude Martin runs BriarCliff she is a vengeful woman that uses her religion as a cover to mask her evil ways.

Sister Mary Eunice is a sweet & innocent nun who will have a life changing experience and a very important role to play in this season when she get's possesed by a powerful Demon.

Lana Winters ,or Lana Banana like Sister Jude would call her , plays a key role in all of this. She is a hungry for fame Reporter who sees Kit Walker the one they think is "Bloody Face" as her ticket to fame. But boy she is in for a crazy ride ... trying not to spoil it for you guys who haven't watched it yet , but things are really about to go bad for her.

If I had to rate this season a scale of 1 to 10 , I would have to give it a 8. To be fair I was going to give it a 7 but after watching it till the end and after really analyzing the whole season i just had to give it an 8.

I loved the way they used "happy" songs , children like songs right before or after a creepy / scary scene. This season also contained that jumping effect from now to then , going back and forth in the past and back to the future.

One of my favorite phrases of the season is right at the ending by Sister Jude Martin , " Just remember if you look in the face of evil ... evil is gonna look right back at you".

This Season is a must watch !

Sincerely, Leandro (A.J) Huerta



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