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Never has a franchise reached so deep in my hear (other than Star Wars) than Ghostbusters. The one franchise i loved more than SW, and it's special and pure and fun. Everybody loves Ghostbusters, and that fact is common bloody sense.

So, the new one received a lot of controversy and hate and the reason why?...It's because it stars females.

WTF? That's the most stupid and sexist reason to hate this film. But when you really think about it, is it just trying to make those dickhead PC's happy? And fixing Ghostbusters when it don't need to be fixed.

And all we wanted was a trailer, to see if this was good or arse.

And we got one, TODAY! Here it is:


And what are my thoughts? WHAT. THE. FUCK?

Let me roundup my thoughts on this, it looks....okay, i guess. But it seems to be just a remake of the first one, but the leads are talented ladies (except McCarthy, come on, her falling down is getting old) but it's..unreal, it maintains the spirit of the original, without spoiling too much, even though there aren't much heavy spoilers (SPOILER ALERT, MATE: They save the day. Quite a shocker, 'right?) But Kate McKinnon has impressed me the most, and when her lines are actually funny.

But McCarthy is...alright, but i guess she has some talent left, but the big surprise to me, is Kristen Wigg. Look, Kristen Wigg is bloody lovely, man, and she surprised me, and i do hope the movie turns out good!

But what's the Top 2 surprised by the trailer?

Well, here they are:


Look, i aint a Ghostbuster- phile or whatever, but i do know the damn basics, and i bloody loved Slimer, man!


This looks like...the most 'meh' GCI battle of all time, but here's something you don't see often: Ghosts everywhere in the streets of New York.


Damn right, Bill! While the movie may be this movie you watched one night when you were drunk, or a movie you'll give a shit and a cent about.

Meanwhile, here's some screen shots:

And if you wanna see all of them, here's the link:



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