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Wham! Marvel's leading ladies will take centre stage this month as the company celebrates women’s history month. Gracing the cover of many a new issue of your favourite comic book, graphic novel and video game will be one of Marvels great leading ladies.

Marvel have their own way to celebrate women's history month - their initiative has been aptly named 'Women of Power' and Marvel are channelling all their influence into celebrating women via the medium of pop culture - comics, movies, graphic novels and yes, video games!

The initiative that runs throughout March is specifically aimed at women that work within the public services. A fitting role considering a superheroes primary role is to protect those that are unable to protect themselves.

Don't be fooled into thinking that we are only to see Marvels good girls on display - throughout March the company plan to showcase as many leading characters as they can - hero and villain alike.

"Marvel's 'Women of Power' event celebrates some of the most popular heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe, bringing them together in a unique way for the first time. By featuring these stories and characters throughout a single month, we've lined up one the most exciting events in the history of Marvel games." - Peter Phillips, EVP/GM, Interactive and Digital Distribution, Marvel Entertainment

I love comics but what about the games?

Kicking off officially on March 3, Marvel Games have stated that they will release new downloadable content in the form of characters and quests that relate specifically to their leading ladies. This will be across the board - including mobile games.

Below we have a list of all the games that will be getting the woman of power treatment.

  • Lego Marvel's Avengers: Captain Marvel, Moonstone, Poundcakes.
  • Marvel Contest of Champions: New event quest featuring Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and X-23.
  • Marvel Avengers Academy: "Several all-new female heroes will be joining the student body of the Academy during a special event."
  • Marvel Puzzle Quest: "New 'Women of Power' variant comic covers featuring their top female characters."
  • Marvel Future Fight: New game event featuring Proxima Midnight
  • Spider-Man Unlimited: New event featuring Silk.
  • Marvel Heroes 2016: New update will introduce the character Rescue and let you unlocked a new power costume for American Dream.

Hopefully, this trend will continue well on past the end of March - Marvel holds within it a plethora of incredibly dynamic female leads and this initiative will certainly help these characters get some much-needed exposure.

What about Captain Marvel to lead a new movie or video game?

Ok, back to comics... And toys

I say that these characters need more exposure, by that I mean, via the medium of film and games. In recent times, female characters have exploded onto the comic book scene and have amassed quite an audience.

Authors are increasingly recognising the fact that representation is the key to securing large audiences - people want to relate to characters, especially superheroes.

Throughout this month specifically, Marvel will be adorning 25 of their newest comics with a variety of female characters. Marvel is also in the process of crafting new female figures, play sets, and other gizmos that will release throughout the year. These new toys will include characters like Black Widow, Spider-Gwen, and Kitty Pryde.

Marvels leading ladies are cheeky, brash, fun and incredibly tough - I can't wait to see what the future holds for these women in power!

Got a favourite? Who do you want to see make it to the big screen or onto a game?


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