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Entertainment Weekly has revealed two covers and a plethora of information in its March 2016 issue, which is all about Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

And OH. MY. GOD. Does the issue deliver. This article will focus on The Flash reveal and Wonder Woman's covert mission.

1. The Flash's Terrifying Vision

Remember the scene released a few months ago? The one with Superman holding Batman prisoner and other tidbits that seemed to showcase Darkseid's Parademons?

A lot of us thought that was Bruce Wayne's paranoid mind playing tricks on him, but it wasn't. In fact, that is not a dream but a vision — from The Flash himself.

The new EW covers reveal a huge piece of information regarding The Flash who, as it turns out, won't have just a cameo but actually play a major part in establishing the future DC Cinematic Universe. Before we begin, take a look at both covers below:

Did you see it? Right above Superman and Batman's shoulders, there is a subtitle that reads: "The Flash's Terrifying Vision."

Before we get into the other subtitles, let me explain why that vision of Superman keeping a chained Batman in his basement and the Parademons attacking civilians is from Barry Allen's quick mind.

1. The Omega Symbol And The Parademons

What put a huge question mark inside our heads was the picture released by Empire magazine showing Batman standing on top of a hill and looking at a gigantic omega symbol burned into the ground.

The reason why this was such a mystery was because up until that point we were made to believe the footage of Superman keeping several people locked up (including Batman) was a product of Bruce Wayne's nightmare.

But if there is an omega symbol and Parademons flying around in that "nightmare," which we know are directly related to the New God Darkseid, then what's going on? Can Bruce Wayne see the future? No, but which superhero in the DC Universe can?

2. The Flash

That's right — The Flash, aside from being one of the most powerful superheroes out there, can travel back and forth in time, visiting different timelines, which is why the subtitle "The Flash's Terrifying Vision" ties in so perfectly with what's been shown to us regarding Darkseid.

So Barry Allen is seeing a future ruled by Darkseid, in which the Justice League failed? Will this be the basis for The Justice League Part One?

2. Wonder Woman's Covert Mission

While there is not much information so far about the The Flash, aside from that headline and previous footage which can be used to connect the dots, EW did reveal a snippet of one of the other big players in the film — Wonder Woman.

In its report, EW reveals that Diana Prince, a.k.a Wonder Woman, has a "major supporting role" and she's actually in conflict with Bruce Wayne because they're both engaging in rival missions to steal Lex Luthor's secrets.

Does that mean that Lex Luthor isn't actually DIRECTLY manipulating Batman to take down Superman as previous rumors suggested?


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