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Airing in September 2015, I was completely oblivious to the release of the CBS series ZOO. I only recently found it on Netflix, and I am glad I did.

Led by James Wolk (Mad Men, The Crazy Ones) and Nonso Anozie (Tut, Dracula), this little series chronicles what would happen if nature's creatures worked together against mankind.

Starting off in a remote village in Africa, Jackson Oz (Wolk) and Abraham Kenyatta (Anozie) discover the village has been mauled by not one, but multiple male lions. This raises concerns due to the fact that male lions are alphas, and are usually only hunt alone.

Jackson and Abraham discuss typical lion behavior
Jackson and Abraham discuss typical lion behavior

We learn that Jackson's father had been doing research into such unusual animal behavior, and branded a heretic by his peers. This led Oz's father to work that much harder, proving he was onto a global pandemic. He fled society, only to continue his research and leave it behind for his son to find.

Oz and the friends he makes along the way see very alarming behavior from animals, such as varying species of birds attacking together, as well as cats and dogs working as teams.

(L to R) Arnezeder, Wolk, Burke, Connolly, Anonzie
(L to R) Arnezeder, Wolk, Burke, Connolly, Anonzie

Now, I for one, passed this series up several times, thinking it to be another production of Uwe Boll-level quality. I am happy to say, I was mistaken. Wolk and company lead a very engaging tale of what would become of a world, where animals are no longer afraid of man.

I won't spoil the details, but the mega-corporations are to blame here, particularly big pharma. There is a special something that is put into every line of products, and it is responsible for a sterilizing response.

Something bad is happening here
Something bad is happening here

Nowhere else will you find cats, dogs, birds and monkeys working in unison, to wipe out human civilization. ZOO has been greenlighted for a second season, and season one can be found on streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu.

Do yourself a favor and catch up with this James Patterson based series before the second season airs in summer 2016.


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