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Fallout 4 was released last November to critical acclaim. Though it may not be the best game the developer has made by a long shot, it's a ridiculous amount of fun and a great shooter/RPG. Bethesda has been busy tending to the game's numerous bugs and glitches and generally improving the performance of the game since launch, but they also have some additional content on the horizon.

Over the next three months Bethesda will release Automatron (March), Wasteland Workshop (April) and Far Harbor (May) across the PC, XBOX One and PS4. Though there's no planned release date for each of these DLC packs, Automatron is close at hand and we feel like now is the perfect time to get hyped for more of 2015's Game of the Year winner, Fallout 4.

'Fallout 4' DLC - Why Automatron Will Be Awesome

Fallout 4 - Automatron
Fallout 4 - Automatron

Have you ever wandered through the Boston Commonwealth and thought to yourself, "Why don't I have a robot companion by my side? I mean seriously! Those things can be vicious in this game, I need a partner that can unleash a similar level of damage. You know, like this guy!"


Well, fear not, Automatron is poised to deliver new customizable robot companions to the Lone Wanderer and the wasteland. According to Todd Howard, Bethesda's first DLC pack for Fallout 4 "has a little quest line and this Pokémon-esque 'kill robots, get their parts, build your own" and that the robot building is "really deep." Nice.

Thanks to Bethesda's latest patch for Fallout 4, beta testers have also been able to uncover the 5 potential achievements that we'll be able to collect from Automatron. Seems we'll have a few missions to embark on:

Headhunting (Complete Headhunting), Mechanical Menace (Complete Mechanical Menace, The Most Toys (Build 10 Robot Mods), Restoring Order (Complete Restoring Order), and Robot Hunter (Unlock 10 Robot Mods).
Fallout 4
Fallout 4

Aside from these new quests and dense customization options that come with Automatron, we also know that Robobrain will play a role in the DLC. Here's what Fallout 4's Wiki has to say about them:

Robobrains (military alphanumeric serial numbers RB-3928) are multi-purpose robots. Their memories and programs are stored inside an organic or partially organic brain, contained in a domed shell atop their chassis. They are considered intuitively superior to most robots, as human brains allow them a wider range of responses and functions. Their hands can operate most tools and weapons usable by humans.

Additionally, thanks to the DLC’s first teaser image which you can see above, gamers have also been able to pinpoint some of the items on the Lone Wanderer and his robot companion. Our Sole Survivor on the right is clad in Mechanist's Armor, while the robot seems to be constructed out of various parts of other familiar enemies: "the legs and torso of a Sentry Bot, a right arm of a Robo-brain, and what looks like the head of an Assaultron."

Yep, we're terribly excited to jump back into Fallout 4, check out how all of the patches have improved gameplay and see whether Automatron can raise the overall standard of this impressive RPG.


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