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Ok, here's the professors top 10 most powerful X-Men!


Emma Frost, an incredibly powerful mutant. Her power you ask. It’s Telepath. Frost began out as a villain in the X-Men world, the ‘White Queen’ of the Hellfire club, but now she’s been recruited into the X-Men and holds a position of authority. If you cast your mind back to X-Men: First class you’ll recall Emma posses the powers to also turn herself into an organic diamond, making her invulnerable.

Another thing to note is the she can control both minds and bodies of others; this bodes well given her notoriety as a villain, As well her precise psionic control. In most renditions she Is compared as an equal to Prof X in terms of pure power alone.


Bobby, often overlooked as a threat let alone one of the most powerful X-Men, but hold up. Did you know Bobby is actually an Omega mutant? He’s often described as having the ability to control ice & manipulate water to create ice also, that’s OP! But there’s so much more to Bobby and his powers, he can create ice by absorbing and dispelling heat, giving him the power to control thermal energies.

Turning his entire body into organic ice to gain both super strength & size, this is done by absorbing the water molecules around him, heal in ice form then kill or paralyse by freezing the water in the human body, Aquaman has a similar power like this, where he can drain the water. With him teaming up with the aforementioned Emma Frost he can change his body into a gas form, then to travel by merging himself with water molecules, to ultimately shape shift! Then survive as a sentient water vapour, ultimately he’s invincible…..not so weak now huh?


Yes her, easily one of the most powerful mutants in the world. With her main ability being that she can control the weather, in turn it allows her to do far more than make it rain! (There’s a stripper joke somewhere, She can controls the winds to allow her to fly, breather at any speed/height in the atmosphere, create lightening bolts, manipulate the environments electrical energy and, and alter her vision to see patterns in electrical energy nearby! Her powers are adaptive, allowing her to adapt to the environment on other planets, so intergalactic space travel? No issue!

Her powers are incredible, but she is not without limits like all mutants, she can actually only create weather conditions that exist naturally and generally over a limited area. Her powers are also tied to her mood (Deadpool! Joke please?) and own energy. I guess she will need to have a lid on her emotions, lets see how the young storm plays out in the upcoming apocalypse film?


Yes! This guy, his name should ring a bell as he is to get his own FX TV series. I’m excited, as the X-Men universe as a whole, has a special place in my heart. So this is Prof X’s son, this omega level mutant has some incredible powers that range from: telepathy through pyrokinesis, healing, probability manipulation, super strength, speed, time travel and reality warping! Yeah this dudes OP. There is essentially one other little power that he is the capabilities of doing….that’s absorbing others’ consciousnesses. Despite you reading this and thinking ‘Whoa, this guy’ he struggles to contain and control his powers & the channels in which they flow.

As a child, he was often surrounded by chaos. His home was once attacked by assassins, when he merged from all this, it was this initial shock that splintered his mind and his core persona. This now exists as one of the many personas’ David has. Each of these individual personas controls a specific power, so you never know who you’re dealing with; that makes Legion extremely dangerous and a deadly villain.


Hope, an Omega level mutant born with a vast amount of power, but as of yet it hasn’t been fully realized, which is pretty scary! When she was born, it sent out a psionic pulse which destroyed Cerebro! Whoa. She has been hailed as both the mutant messiah & the harbinger of humanity’s death.

They have various different powers and have emerged from her at different times. Did you know she healed Rogue as a baby? Then as a teen and adult she has shown telepathy & telekinesis powerful enough to stop a bullet. She has also revealed pyrokinesis, turned parts of her body into an organic metal and fired psionic blast. Same as Jean Grey, she’s connected to the Phoenix Force but she cannot control this connection in any way, the powers have manifested when is emotional or worse under threat.


Although better known as the nemesis to Professor Xavier and the X-Men, Magneto has actually been part of the team on several occasions, teaching the New Mutants and even leading the X-Men.

His central power is the ability to control magnetic fields (he’s also a genius with an impressively long life span), which doesn’t necessarily seem all that amazing at first glance. Why is the power to be a human magnet as impressive as some of the other reality-controlling mutants on this list?

The thing is, magnetic field control isn’t just about making metal objects fly around (although that’s pretty cool, and something we see the most often). Everything in the world has a magnetic field, and he can manipulate all of them without breaking a sweat. This ability allows him to fly, manipulate magnetic fields around electricity and power, create force fields, and even affect telepathy (which would suggest he could potentially use his power for mind control as well). Essentially, he is an absolute badass who is more than worthy of going toe-to-toe with Professor Xavier (and gives fans a little lesson on magnetic fields while he’s at it).


Colossus’s sister, Illyana is vastly more powerful than her brother, and has previously been both Sorcerer Supreme and Queen of Limbo. She has two distinct sets of powers, one as a mutant (teleportation) and one that is magical. Both these provide her with incredible gifts, and these were increased after the events of Avengers vs X-Men, when she was imbued with Phoenix Force.

Her teleportation power appears limited only by her own control over it. She is able to teleport by creating “stepping disks” which take her anywhere in time or space, including in or out of another dimension. It is in this dimension (Limbo) that she learned the sorcerer’s arts to become Sorcerer Supreme, including astral projection, metamorphosis, necromancy, force fields, possession and the creation of magical constructs. During her time in Limbo, she learned both black and white magic, and lost part of her soul – the part-demon soul that she now has grants her psionic shielding.

She also created and holds the Soul Sword, a magical sword with its own specific magic. Within Limbo, she is the supreme being and all-powerful, but on Earth, she is not yet at 100% of her power, and has started training with Dr. Strange to try and control her abilities.


The original leader and founder of the X-Men, Xavier is an especially powerful telepath, but his true power lies in his incredible skill with his telepathy. Unlike many other powerful and Omega-levels (Xavier is an Omega level telepath), Xavier has almost complete control over his ability, and has honed his skills over decades of work. His level of telepathic power gives him the ability to take over other minds, hypnotize, create visions and illusions, and use psionic abilities, but he is not a telekinetic mutant. He created tech to expand and focus his powers, making him even more powerful – the most obvious example being Cerebro, a conduit for and magnifier of telepathic powers.

Although he is currently dead (death isn’t often permanent in the Marvel-verse), his time as a scientific genius and telepathic global mastermind clearly puts him with the most powerful X-Men on the planet.


The young son of Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman, Franklin has essentially unlimited psionic and reality warping powers, and can control literally any force in the universe. Unlike many mutants who don’t display powers until they are teens or older, Franklin first came into the full force of his powers as a child. While he has reverted back to his child form, this event led to some dampers on his powers – preventing him from using them in full while he is still too young, before starting an extremely careful training process to control them.

Franklin is potentially capable of reality warping and controlling the entire universe (although he is still a child and not at the full limit of his abilities – assuming a limit even exists). He can time travel, resurrect the dead, create doubles of people and entirely new planets, is a precog and created a pocket universe – a miniature double of the existing universe. He has been recognized by the Celestials as on their level, although he defeated two Celestials in combat in adult form. He’s also potentially immortal, and it may be that he will far eclipse the Phoenix when he gains full control of his abilities.

Though Franklin has never been a member of the X-Men in the regular comic timeline, he was actually a student at Xavier’s Academy and a member of the New Mutants in the Days of Future Past timeline. He’s also a future X-Men member in the Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Fantastic Four timelines, and even hosts the Phoenix at one point.


Often cited as the most powerful mutant ever, Jean Grey is a telepathic, telekinetic Omega mutant who also hosted the Phoenix Force. While she started out as simple a powerful telepath (and went by the name of Marvel Girl when she first joined the X-Men), her repeated involvement with the Phoenix Force has now given her near-infinite power. Having also merged with the Primal Force, her powers are second only to God and the Living Tribunal.

Jean has returned from the dead on several occasions, and her telepathy and telekinesis allow her to fly, create force fields, create power blasts, manipulate wormholes, manipulate matter at a subatomic level, and control and hypnotize others. Because of the sheer level of raw power that Grey possesses, she is also one of the most dangerous mutants. Although she is one of the original X-Men and on the side of good, if she is ever controlled by another or loses control of her ability, she can wreak ultimate devastation.


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