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The wait is finally over! After nearly thirteen years of loving, missing, and wanting more Finding Nemo, my patience has paid off!

The new trailer for the long-awaited sequel to one of Pixar's most beloved classics, Finding Dory, was released this morning and it's even more adorable than I expected!

Ellen DeGeneres returns to voice everyone's favorite fish-friend, Dory! In this new adventure, Dory is the star of the picture as memories of her life before running head first into her Clownfish friend, Marlin resurface. In an effort to find out where she came from and return to the family she never remembered having, Dory sets off on a nonstop quest around the ocean!

Old Friends and New Friends

From what I've gathered from the trailer, familiar faces make a reappearance in this new underwater film, along with plenty of new faces we've never seen before!

Mr. Ray is clearly seen at the beginning of the video and it's he who causes Dory's lost memories to make themselves known again. After hearing his stories on stingray migration, Dory begins to wonder where her family would migrate to, which leads to her wondering where her family is.

Crush and Squirt are seen in the trailer as well! We get a very familiar picture of Marlin getting sick on the back of Crush's shell again while speeding through a riptide, Squirt keeping up right along with them.

And of course, Marlin and Nemo have a part in this upcoming movie. We see Marlin and Nemo both with tears in their eyes at the sight of Dory's confusion as to why her family is missing. We also see the two of them journeying to help their little, blue friend find what she's looking for.

As for the new friends, it seems Dory comes into contact with some kind of small whale...and an invisible squid...and a whole tank of petting zoo fish. Whatever the stories behind these characters, I have no doubt they'll quickly become new favorites in the Pixar world!

Finding Dory is in theaters on June 17, which happens to be my best friend's birthday, so guess what we're doing this year to celebrate!

As a childhood classic for my generation, this is one film we've been waiting for literally our entire lives. All we have left to do now is wait another couple months and hope it doesn't drive us mad! Just keep swimming, everybody!


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