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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for 'The Walking Dead' comic and TV series. Do not read on unless you have seen Episode 12, 'Not Tomorrow Yet'

Well, when this week's episode of The Walking Dead started off as a post-apocalyptic cooking show, I doubt any of us predicted what sort of a shit storm the episode would end in.

After a rousing speech in the church given by Rick (who looked particularly biblical, standing to the right of Jesus), a plan was quickly drawn up, a decapitated head was punched and then the forces rolled right into Negan's compound before any of us had time to register that this was really happening all in the same episode!

A whole lot of stuff happened in "Not Tomorrow Yet," and aside from obvious ass-kicking and cookie-baking moments, there were some real hidden gems hinted at throughout. So without further ado, take a look at the five things you might have missed in The Walking Dead Episode 12, "Not Tomorrow Yet."

1. Abraham And Rosita Breaking Up Was Straight Out Of The Comics

"Why ARE dingleberries brown?!"
"Why ARE dingleberries brown?!"

With Abraham and Sasha's potential new relationship simmering away under the surface since the beginning of the season, things finally bubbled up this week when Abraham left Rosita in dramatic fashion.

Their breakup was quite similar to their comic book counterparts, except that in the comics, they split up after Rosita learns of Abraham's affair with an Alexandrian named Holly. It was also Rosita who left, not Abraham (though I'm guessing it worked better to have Abraham leave the house in the TV series, considering he was already leaving to go on the mission). However, that rather cutting line about Rosita not being the last woman on Earth was pretty much taken exactly from the source material:

Ouch, Abraham, OUCH.
Ouch, Abraham, OUCH.

Man, that was rough!

Also, as hilarious as it was to have Eugene witness the whole breakup (wearing a "Virginia is for lovers" shirt to boot!), it was also potentially a great piece of foreshadowing. You see, in the comic series, Eugene and Rosita actually get together and even get married. Given how closely this series has been following the comic series, it seems like the show will definitely move toward these two becoming a couple in coming episodes.

Preach, Eugene!
Preach, Eugene!

2. We Saw A MASSIVE Spoiler For The Season Finale

While Glenn killing his first human was a pretty damn intense moment, afterwards we learned that the guys he killed were pretty much pure evil through their gruesome collection of photos of people they had killed.

However, not only did this moment serve as a way for Glenn to justify killing the Saviors in their sleep, it also basically introduced a terrifying character named Lucille.

Though she might sound like one, Lucille is not a human; she's actually a razor-wire-covered baseball bat and the weapon of choice for Negan, the coming Big Bad. Sadly, in Issue 100 of the comic series, Glenn falls victim to Lucille.

For a long time it's been rumored that Season 6 will end with the appearance of Negan, and seeing these photos has definitely confirmed that Lucille will be at his side. But will it be Glenn who sees Lucille up close and personal? That's yet to be confirmed, but it's looking increasingly likely.

3. The Saviors' Compound Was Probably Just An Outpost

The compound in Episode 12.
The compound in Episode 12.

Hilltop resident Andy was the one who gave Rick and the gang all the info they needed about the Saviors' compound, and to his credit he was certainly knowledgeable about the building. However, I very much doubt that the compound Rick and the gang stormed was the Saviors' primary location.

In the comic series, the Saviors live in a large and heavily protected factory as their main base, surrounded by "a wall of impaled and tied zombies." The factory has only one entrance and is extremely difficult to get into without authorization from Negan or his men.

The Saviors' compound in the comics.
The Saviors' compound in the comics.

By contrast, the satellite compound (which is quite literally a satellite office — way to hit us over the head with that symbolism, you guys!) was not exactly difficult to get into. I mean, aside from the lights and a couple of guards, the place didn't seem all that protected.

But ignoring the fact that this building seemed rather disappointing as a base for our new Big Bad of the series, there's also the fact that on the poster for Season 5 we already saw a building that bore an extreme similarity to the Saviors' so-called sanctuary. Take a look at the top left-hand corner:

Now this is a poster from a couple of seasons ago, but you gotta admit they look similar. Surely the show wouldn't tease this amazing compound way back in 2014 if they weren't going to one day bring it to the box, right?

4. The Group Was Probably Betrayed

It all seemed to go a little too perfectly for the team, didn't it? Just swooping in to kill a couple of dozen men with hardly a hiccup, taking their entire armory as well as a few vehicles. Well, unfortunately it wasn't to be, and it was only once the whole team was back out in the open with no place to run that the remaining Saviors made themselves known, watching from an undisclosed location. It was almost like they had been waiting there all along, like someone had warned them, and perhaps that someone was Gregory.

In the comic series there was a similar situation where cowardly Hilltop leader Gregory, scared of going up against Negan, sneaks out to warn him of the impending attack. As a result, Negan is unfazed when Rick's militia shows up at his compound, ready to attack.

Despite the large number of casualties at the Saviors' compound, gathering by the walkie-talkie conversation, it would seem as though a number of important members are still alive. Perhaps Negan was willing to sacrifice some of his men to gain the opportunity to wipe out many of Rick's? Though I can't help but think he has no chance of succeeding because....

5. Negan's Cell Is Already Being Built

At the end of the "Not Tomorrow Yet" there is a series of scenes at the Saviors' compound intercut with a scene of Morgan back at Alexandria welding together what looks to be a cell. While at first glance it just looks as thought he's reinforcing the room which both Jesus and the Alpha Wolf broke out of, for comic readers it might have also conjured up another image:

Yep, that's a picture of Negan inside a cell at Alexandria.

OK, I know I'm getting ahead of myself with this one, but there's no doubt that having that footage of Morgan welding that structure intercut with scenes of the group outside Negan's compound was definitely foreshadowing a future event.

Bonus: Darol/Caryl Is Dead

The dream pairing of Carol and Daryl had its fair share of shippers on the Internet, but going by the sweet moments shared between Carol and Tobin this episode, Carol isn't quite as interested in making cookies with Daryl as the rest of us want her to be. Sorry to crush any dreams, but it looks like Darol/Caryl is dead, and Carin/Tobol is very much birthed (apologies for the terrible shipping names, I will try and refraining from calling them that in future articles).

'The Walking Dead' returns with Episode 13, 'The Same Boat' on Sunday, March 13 on AMC

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