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Good morning T.R.A.C.E. Family!

The T.R.A.C.E. A Doctor Who Fan Film webseries cast/crew had a great time at the 2016 Cleveland Wizard World Comic Con held this past weekend on February 26-28, 2016.

The weekend was packed with non-stop fans visiting our 10'x30' booth which includes The Tardis, The Console, Weeping Angels, and of course meeting our 10th Doctor!

The Doctor (Played by Donn Nottage) is ready!
The Doctor (Played by Donn Nottage) is ready!

From Friday afternoon to Sunday 4pm, we had a non-stop experience the flood of fans bombarding our 10'x30' booth. Although it was exhausting, but it was ultimately fun!

Here's a picture of an entire family having a blast on Sunday:

Isn't that cute? :)

Me and Agent 451 also decided to cosplay as Monkey Kings (as this happens to be the Year of the Monkey).

We were 'riding' the self-balancing mini-scooter for a bit until finally one of the security staff said we can't do that anymore (even though we have had several of them didn't had problem with us earlier). But it was enough to get a few pictures taken.

Here are some links for you to re-experience the fun weekend:

Friday Timelapse:

Saturday Timelapse:

Sunday Timelapse:

We also did some 360 Videos, once youtube opens, you can either use your phone and move around to see the different angles, or you can use the mouse and drag around the video to see the other side:

Saturday 360 video:

Sunday 360 video:

We have gotten a lot of press:

Trillist naming Johnny Wu having one of the top 11 people with the coolest job in Cleveland.

Plain Dealer article:

There plenty more that you can find them all listed at

There even a cool write up about our Assistant Director Joe Yost!

We ran into other TRACE cast helping at another booth:

And many of our friends came and hang with us:

And on Saturday at 6:30pm, we provided a panel about How to Make Fan Films the Right Way, and you can watch the entire video here:

And of course, a lot of photos taken by WKYC, and many others, plus our own Doctor and friends took a bunch, visit

Our Youtube:


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