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Being the star of a huge franchise is both a curse and a blessing. Jennifer Lawrence has transitioned out of The Hunger Games and X-Men and into other blockbusters like American Hustle with ease. Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have been pretty busy too, going mostly for unexpected roles in indie films like Kill Your Darlings and The Bling Ring to build up credibility.

But for every J-Law or D-Rad, you have the actor who fails to leave the shackles of their franchise behind. Sure, they won't be queuing up at a soup kitchen any time soon, but they won't be starring opposite Bradley Cooper either. The fade to obscurity is a slow and painful one.

Before we get too morbid, I should get to my point: Dakota Johnson's next project suggests her post-Fifty Shades career will be taking a more interesting route, a la Hermione. What is it, I hear you ask? Well, reader, Ms. Steele herself will be turning her hand to horror with a remake of a certain 1977 Italian cult classic...

For those who don't know their horror, or if you consider yourself a horror fan but you get your thrills from Insidious, Suspiria came from genre maestro Dario Argento. The story sees a young American ballet student enrol at a dance school in Germany, only to discover that something seriously sinister is lurking beneath the school's prestigious veneer.

Like all films made in Europe in the 1970s, it's stylish, sexy, terribly plotted and absolutely batshit insane. Whether a remake really needs to be happening is certainly debatable, but the fact is it is happening, and Dakota Johnson is on board in the lead role of Suzy.

Bloody Disgusting reports that Tilda Swinton is on board for the remake, which will be directed by Luca Guadagnino. He and Swinton collaborated previously on the excellent Italian family drama I Am Love.

On a stormy night in Germany...
On a stormy night in Germany...

Although remakes of cult horror classics are almost universally dreadful, the fact that this one is being made by a legit European person and stars an actress of Swinton's calibre suggests the new Suspiria could really be something special. It also points to Johnson being an actress willing to take some serious risks to further her career, which is how real stars are made.

Before all that, Fifty Shades Darker continues to shape up with Johnson and Jamie Dornan filming scenes this week focused on the aftermath of Anastasia's attack at the hands of Jack Hyde. The movie hits theaters February 10th, 2017.


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