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It's been 10 years since the first High School Musical debuted on the Disney Channel, but now the studio is ushering in a new class of musically inclined and well-choreographed students. On Tuesday we learned that a High School Musical 4 is in the works, and today we were introduced to East High School's newest class.

While it doesn't sound like any of the original characters will be a main focus, one character has familial ties with an East High School alumnus. Thanks to E! News, we now have a little insight into the roles of these young students.


"A badass soccer player who strives for excellence—and the only girl on the boys' team. She starts falling for the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, but isn't sure whether to follow her heart."


"The aforementioned bad boy who falls for Erin, is tough on the surface but a soft-hearted family guy at his core. He's an excellent soccer player and incredible dancer who teaches dance classes to little girls at his family's studio."


"Troy Bolton 2.0—super hot soccer captain and theater star who also happens to be Sharpay and Ryan Evans' cousin. He decides that he wants to date Erin, and isn't too happy when she wants to be with Derek instead."


"East High's biggest fan, a loyal, outgoing cheerleader and big-hearted BFF to Erin."


"East High's former queen bee, a cheer squad member attempting to climb back up the social ladder and reclaim all the attention for herself."

Even if you're not sold on the characters yet, there's no question that their stories will be set to some seriously catchy tunes. That's what Disney does best, after all!

Steering the helm of High School Musical 4 is Teen Beach Movie director Jeffrey Hornaday, along with High School Musical veterans Peter Barsocchini and Dan Berendsen penning the script.


Are you excited for 'High School Musical 4'?

(Source: E! News)


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