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Rob Harris

Shade-throwing Xbox box Phil Spencer has accused his own console fan boys of not being "real gamers".

His frustration with exclusive-obsessed fans is more than understandable, especially after the inexplicable recent backlash against Qauntum Break's PC release. The news that more people would get to play this former Xbox exclusive was met with resentful groans, after fans claimed the move devalued their console. Some even went so far as to cancel their pre-order of the game:

Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face.

Spencer's latest Twitter exchange started out friendly enough:

P. Spenny makes a pragmatic choice first, representing his console's first party catalogue by picking Gears. But then the corporate big dog does something rather laudable, giving props to rival Sony's line up.

Uncharted 4, predicatbly, was not a popular answer with Phil's own clan, but the Xbox head rightly defended it making a very valid point.

We all play games because we love them. Vindictively rooting for developers to fail is a petty endeavour, and anyone who does so can't honestly call themselves a true fan of video games.

The sooner we move past platform squabbles, the better. If only more executives were as willing as Spencer to drop a truth bomb on their fan base, we'd likely be past this issue by now. But what do you think?

Are console fanboys healthy for the industry?



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