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It is only a matter of weeks until the Man of Steel clashes with the Dark Knight in Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice. The anticipated blockbuster continues the story from 2013' Man of Steel and will mark the first time that Batman and Superman will be on the silver screen together. Yet exactly how much time do these heroes share in the upcoming film? Unfortunately not as much as fans are hoping according to a new interview by Batman himself-Ben Affleck.

"It is a continuation of Man of Steel, so I came to the world of Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill,In fact, we didn't share many scenes. With Henry, it was a little the night shift and the day shift: We crossed with our suits, as if we worked in the same company but we didn't hang around so often together. On the other hand, when we were in the same sequences, there was something electric."

This was certainly surprising to hear. With a movie called Batman v.Superman one could hope that the two heroes would share many scenes together, but that may not be the case. This could be an issue as the film needs to feature these two iconic characters coming together. If Batman v.Superman focuses heavily on a single character, the movie may loose its key concept. So after hearing this you would think that concern for this blockbuster should be at an all time high. However Batman and Superman not sharing many scenes together may be more beneficial then it appears.

It may seem strange but movies with the “vs.” motif tend to have the primary forces rarely meeting. If you look at the various “Godzilla vs.” films or movies like Freddy vs.Jason, the key characters only meet up a few times. What makes the “vs” concept work is the conflict that is seen in the movie's plot. So as long as Dawn of Justice's conflict centers on both Batman and Superman, then it will not matter if the two characters do not have a lot of scenes together. In fact the film could be creative about this direction by having Superman's scenes primarily in the day while Batman's story takes place during the night; which would emphasize on the contrast between both heroes Not to mention that having the characters rarely together will only make their shared moments that more special. So though it may seem disheartening that Batman and Superman will not have many scenes together in their shared film, it may work in the long run as long as the film executes the concept properly.

When hearing about a movie that will feature both Batman and Superman one can only hope to see these two icons interacting together. So reading this new report is a bit disconcerting. Yet before grabbing the torches and pitchforks, we need to look at the opportunities that this direction could create. Just because Batman and Superman do not share many scenes does not mean that the film is going to ignore either character. If the movie executes this direction properly then Batman and Superman's lack of shared screen time may only make this upcoming blockbuster that more effective. Plus I am sure that Batman and Superman will have several scenes together when Justice League comes along.

Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in theaters on March 25th.


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