ByVitina Francisco, writer at

Supernatural has come a long way from when it started in 2005. Supernatural has 11 seasons and might have a 12th one. For most people that's to long. But for all the Supernatural fans out there, (me in particular) wants the show to last Forever, but unfortunately it can't. If there was a season 12 what would be in it. It's almost been on for 11 years now. It's been an action packed show with drama, betrayal, love, hate and brotherly moments. Sam and Dean have seen and done it all.

So my question is if there was a season 12 what could possibly be in it that we haven't seen and would there be any unexpected surprises?

As Supernatural fans are anxiously waiting and get ready for the all new episode on Wednesday March 23 at 9pm. We have a lot of things to think about. Will the next episode be the last? What's in store for Sam and Dean, and will they come face to face with Amara and or Lucifer? And lastly are we finally going to find out who's God and if he can defeat his little sister AKA Amara?


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